KSI, Jake Paul, and Anderson Silva ignite on Twitter after Silva training KO rumors

KSI next to Jake PaulYouTube: JJ Olatunji / Instagram: jakepaul

Ahead of the Jake Paul and Anderson Silva bout, KSI has ignited debate on Twitter involving the two stars. It comes after Silva spoke about getting “knocked out” in sparring, although the claims were reportedly exaggerated.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva is shaping up to be the bout of the year, and KSI wants a piece of the cake too.

As YouTube boxing’s finest goes up against one of the best to ever compete in combat sports, KSI started rubbing his hands over comments Silva got knocked out twice in training and was a sure bet to lose his fight against Paul as a result.

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“Anderson Silva has said that he’s been knocked out twice before his fight against Jake Paul,” he said on October 26. “Think we know how this is gonna go… Jake Paul will obviously win this.”

However Silva refuted the claims, saying the claims of him being knocked out were exaggerated due to his English: “Young man please don’t try and spread rumors that were simply bad English. You and Jake are such an inspiration to the youth. Build together. Don’t burn.”

That comment about Jake Paul being an inspiration sent KSI flying into the other camp though all guns blazing, talking about his lack of respect for the younger brother.

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“I have no respect for Jake. He is no inspiration. Only thing he wants to build is himself. He’s destroyed more bridges than a tsunami. Either way, my bad. Good luck in your fight.”

And with comments like that, it was only a matter of time until Paul chipped in with his own blows at KSI ⁠— someone he’s wanted to fight for some time.

“Smart to bow down to the GOAT,” Jake quipped back. “When I see you, you are getting Jordan Poole’d you little b*tch.”

The exchange has only increased the hype of the October 29 bout, where Paul and Silva will settle their own discussions once and for all. It’s expected to be a sell-out in Arizona, breaking ticketing records set by the UFC

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