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KSI hits Jake Paul with brilliant comeback after he mocks his music career

Published: 18/May/2019 13:18 Updated: 18/May/2019 13:32

by Marcus Banks


YouTube star, Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, has hit out at rival Jake Paul, after the American took shots at his music career.

KSI, who became one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform after creating some of the funniest FIFA content we’ve ever seen, started to make moves in the music industry back in 2011.


After initially releasing parody songs alongside his friend and fellow artist Randolph, the 25-year-old brought out his first album, Keep Up, in 2016 which debuted at number 13 in the UK Albums Charts – reaching number one in the UK R&B Album Charts.

TWITTER:KSIKSI offers a VIP experience for fans who attend his live shows.

Jake Paul ridicules KSI’s music career

KSI’s latest album, New Age, achieved tremendous success on launch and a subsequent tour was announced – the rapper shared crowd footage from his Bournemouth show, but Jake Paul wasn’t impressed.


Paul stated that the video, and the sold out show would be “dope” if the venue wasn’t so small. After not receiving a response, he labelled KSI as a “wasteman”, despite many of his shows actually selling out.

Eventually, the Sidemen member replied to the American with a savage response, taking shots at the demographic of Paul’s audience.

KSI challenged his rival to adopt similar rules to his concerts, which only allow entry to people over the age of 14, insinuating that all of Paul’s audience would be too young to attend.


After a few weeks of silence, the Twitter spat has seemingly reignited the beef between the two YouTubers who have been heavily rumored to be boxing each other in the future.

KSI has actively pursued a fight against the Team 10 Member but a rematch against his older brother, Logan, seems more likely at this point.


Will Boogie2988 & Tana Mongeau go to jail? | Influenced podcast

Published: 9/Oct/2020 13:18

by Jacob Hale


In the latest episode of the Influenced podcast, Mike Kent and Richard Lewis discuss two popular YouTubers who might be facing jail time for completely different reasons: Steven ‘Boogie2988’ Williams and Tana Mongeau.

On September 28, footage started to circulate of Boogie in a standoff with fellow content creator Frank Hassle, even firing a gun during the heated exchange to serve as a warning to Hassle, and has since handed the footage over to the Fayetteville Police Department who are running an investigation.


Tana’s legal issues, however, fall under a slightly different banner, as she promised fans a special kind of exclusive reward if they provide her proof that they’ve voted for Joe Biden in the upcoming U.S. election, which some people are claiming is straight-up electoral fraud.

On a lighter note, Mike and Richard also discuss viral TikToker Doggface and the now-famous video that sees him skating around, listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking cranberry juice. What a treat.


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