KSI throws Jake Paul’s ‘respect’ back in his face with savage response


YouTube superstar, Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, wasn’t interested in sharing niceties with rival star Jake Paul, after the American praised the Sidemen member following the release of his new album. 

KSI launches new studio album

After becoming one of the most popular YouTubers by creating some of the best FIFA content we’ve ever seen, KSI continues to evolve as a creator – delving into both the world of music and boxing over the past few years.

With boxing on the backseat for the moment, the 25-year-old has released his next album, New Age, which has enjoyed rapid growth on the likes of iTunes and Spotify without even being released in the United States.

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Youtube:RandolphKSI released his new album ‘New Age’ alongside friend and fellow artist Randolph.

Jake Paul offers respect to KSI

Despite the early success, KSI tweeted out that anyone on YouTube could use the music from his album without the risk of being hit with a copyright strike – something which is rarely seen from artists – and his decision has been widely praised.

Jake Paul was quick to do the same and commended the move, before hinting that he would follow suit in the future on his future music ventures.

He tweeted: “I’m going to do this too, I’m tired of artists being greedy, it’s time for change. Respect bro.”

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KSI’s brutal response to Jake Paul

Despite Paul praising the move, KSI had no intentions of sharing the sentiment and ensured the rivalry between the pair continued with a savage response.

The tweet continues the beef between KSI and the Paul brothers – the Brit has been actively seeking a boxing match with Jake after drawing against his older brother Logan back in August.

Jake has insisted that KSI must rematch Logan first, but this latest drama makes a matchup between the pair seem like a formality in the future.