KSI gets roasted by YouTube rapper in savage diss track

Quadeca, YouTube / KSI, YouTube

Popular YouTuber and white-collar boxer Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has gotten into a dispute with YouTube rapper ‘Quadeca,’ who has since taken savage shots at KSI in a scathing diss track.

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Quadeca uploaded the four-minute-long track in a video on November 23, titled “Insecure.” The video has already secured over one million views, and features a slew of scorching insults against KSI – even insinuating that his fellow Sidemen are fake friends.

“JJ, I’m so sorry you’re angry/ Hairline so fucked up, your barber is Tay Keith,” was just one savage bar from the rap.

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“Got so big and made so many stacks/ That your friends are terrified to let you know that you’re wack,” Quadeca continued. “Now your homies are your yes-men, ego’s over the max/ Call Shane Dawson! I think this guy’s a sociopath!”

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Their most recent dispute began when KSI called out Quadeca during an episode of the “What’s Good?” podcast on November 19, where he took issue with multiple YouTube rappers.

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“Of course he’s watching this!” KSI said when asked about the Quadeca. “Bro, me saying his name is boosting him… I don’t give a fuck, man, it’s me!”

“It’s kind of like, the same way you’re like, ‘I’m better than you,’ …Quadeca is gonna think he’s better than you,” podcast host Miniminter prompted in response.

“Yeah, please,” KSI answered with sarcasm. “Please, man.”

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Since then, Quadeca’s track has garnered relative praise, even getting shouted out by Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem. 

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While KSI has yet to respond, he is no stranger to rapping; the YouTuber has made several diss tracks in his time, most notably against boxing opponent Logan Paul.

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