Is KSI making moves on Erika Costell after her breakup with Jake Paul?

YouTuber and white-collar boxer Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has followed Erika Costell on Instagram, following her breakup with controversial social media star Jake Paul.

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Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem broke the news on November 21, sharing a screenshot of KSI’s Instagram activity – which revealed that he had followed Erika Costell on the social media platform.

A quick look through KSI’s ‘following’ list shows that Erika is, indeed, the latest person he’s followed; however, it doesn’t look like Costell has yet graced him with a follow-back.

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KSI has made several comments on Erika’s split with Paul, even taking a hilarious shot at brother Logan Paul just after the news dropped on November 7.

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KSI went on to diss Jake Paul on an episode of the “What’s Good?” podcast on November 19, claiming that he thought Paul had “gotten bored” of Costell and “wanted to put his dick in other women.”

“Imagine being in a relationship with that kid,” he continued. “Fuck me, man. I would kill myself.”

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Paul was later revealed to have hooked up with a number of women following his split with Costell, as confirmed by Instagram model Nikki Banner. Banner admitted that she had hooked up with Paul after his breakup in late October, and claimed that he was texting other women the very next day.

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However, it looks like Paul is finally hoping to settle down, as sources close to the YouTuber confirmed that he is currently looking for a serious relationship for the holiday season.