KSI explains why he turned down viral Astrid Wett kiss

KSI explains why he turned down Astrid Wett viral kissYouTube: KSI, JJ Olatunji

YouTube star KSI explained why he turned down Astrid Wett when she reached up to kiss him in a viral moment that went down at weigh-in for the Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys boxing match.

KSI won’t be caught slipping — at least, that’s what he says after he dodged a surprising smooch from OnlyFans model Astrid Wett on October 14.

The viral moment occurred during the weigh-in for Astrid Wett and her opponent, Keely, who fought on the undercard of Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys on October 15.

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After exchanging some banter, Keeley asked Astrid if her boyfriend was in the crowd, prompting the model to hit back with: “Do you think if I had a boyfriend I would do this?”

She reached up to give KSI a kiss, but the YouTuber leaned back to avoid the unexpected embrace, sparking a slew of humorous reactions from viewers online.

KSI reveals why he dodged viral kiss from Astrid Wett: “It’s super cringe”

Days later, KSI has returned to the internet to discuss why he didn’t return the gesture after his Reddit page became inundated with clips of the moment.

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“Astrid Wett tried to kiss me, and I said ‘Nope! Not today!'” he laughed. “But yes, I did turn down Astrid Wett, which is crazy, because old KSI would have lapped that up. …Now, your boy’s grown, your boy’s mature.”

“A lot of people were asking me what was going through my mind during this situation. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking like, Oh my god, she’s about to kiss me! What the f**k? Nah!”

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“First of all, I hate public affection. I think it’s super cringe. Secondly, you’re not gonna catch me slipping. Nah. I’m on point with everything I do. …when it comes to this, I was on point and I wasn’t gonna let her put her lips on mine.”

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KSI went on to mention that Astrid apologized to him after the encounter and said everything is solid between them — even though the model was a bit embarrassed at being “pied” by the YouTuber in public.

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However, Astrid did have some luck at the event, as she went on to defeat Keeley in their boxing match, the second major influencer-boxing event to feature a female match after Creator Clash this summer.

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