KSI explains why he "just doesn't care" about beef with Deji following subscriber loss - Dexerto

KSI explains why he “just doesn’t care” about beef with Deji following subscriber loss

Published: 27/May/2019 0:01 Updated: 27/May/2019 0:05

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber KSI is beefing with his little brother Deji, once again, after being accused of mental and physical abuse by his sibling – but KSI is struggling to “find a fuck to give” about the debacle.

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KSI made several Tweets about Deji’s accusatory video on May 26, comparing it to makeup guru Tati Westbrook’s own viral “Bye Sister” video making damaging allegations against beauty YouTuber James Charles.

“Imagine making a Tati V2 video and thinking I’m going to reply?” KSI wrote of the matter, adding a series of crying laughter emojis. “He even put ads on the video LOOOOOOOL. 40+ minute ‘expose’ videos are the new diss tracks.”


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KSI wasn’t done, just yet; he went on to address the major loss in subscribers he’d taken following the release of Deji’s video, claiming that he has been in the game for “too long” to care about the drama.

“Oh noooooo, I’m losing subs,” he continued. “…I’ve been doing this YouTube thing for too long to care about shit like that. Subs don’t even matter anymore these days. The kid only talks to me publicly for self gain. So I just don’t care anymore.”

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KSI then showcased a series of text messages sent to his little brother, dating back to December 6, when their original beef was at its height. While KSI himself made multiple attempts to reach Deji, not a single text had been answered – prompting a mere “Lol” from the older sibling.


While KSI went on to claim that “Life is so much better when you just don’t care anymore,” Deji had accused his older brother of physically and mentally abusing him in his May 25 video – as well as claiming that KSI had manipulated his fanbase into leaving hateful comments underneath his content.


This latest beef between the brothers follows the re-upload of Deji’s diss track against KSI, which he’d claimed to have made private as a means to end their previous feud in late 2018. However, Deji ultimately placed the video back online, prompting KSI to lash out in response.

While the duo made up beforehand, there’s no telling how their relationship will pan out following Deji’s claims of abuse.