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KSI loses thousands of YouTube subscribers after Deji’s abuse allegations

Published: 26/May/2019 16:24 Updated: 26/May/2019 16:58

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji has begun losing thousands of YouTube subscribers after accusations from his brother Deji about years of ‘abuse.’

The beef between the Olatunji brothers has been ongoing for a few years – as the pair regularly settle their issues before something else surfaces that causes another split. 


That all came to a head on May 25 as Deji released his emotional ‘bye’ video which accused his brother of years of mental and physical abuse.

KSI, TwitterThe brothers have had an on-and-off again beef over the last few years.

In the near hour-long upload, Deji documented his thoughts on his brother, explaining that he was finally cutting ties after years of alleged abuse. That has, of course, had a backlash on KSI’s fan support – especially when it comes to his YouTube subscriber count.


Since the release of Deji’s video, both of KSI’s YouTube channels have taken a hit in terms of subscribers.

According to SocialBlade, his main KSI channel has lost over 26,000 subs, while the KSIOlajidebtHD account has seen close to 15,000 subscribers walk away, in only 24 hours after Deji’s video.

While it may not be enough to signal the end of his YouTube career, it’s clear that some fans have taken Deji’s video to heart and called time on their support of KSI. 


The losses have, also, only come in the wake of the upload considering – in the days leading up to the video – both of the channels had been gaining subs.

Screengrab via SocialBladeKSI’s main channel has lost the bigger number of YouTube subs.

However, it hasn’t had any real negative effect on his other social media followings. According to SocialBlade, his Twitter hasn’t seen the loss of any followers. On the other hand, KSI’s Instagram account lost over 500 followers after the upload but has since gained them back.

KSI hasn’t, yet, used YouTube to respond to his brother’s upload – instead, opting to tweet about his lack of interest in losing the subscribers. 


It remains to be seen just what damage will be done to KSI’s YouTube following as there may be more fallout to come from Deji’s video.

This article was last updated on Sunday, May 26 at 12:58 pm Eastern Time.


Nessa Barrett calls kiss with Chase Hudson a “terrible mistake”

Published: 9/Oct/2020 22:09

by Virginia Glaze


In early July, the TikTok fan base exploded with drama after Charli D’Amelio seemed to accused ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson of cheating on her with fellow influencer Nessa Barrett — an incident that Barrett claims was a huge regret for her.

For those not in the loop, TikTok went through “dramageddon” this summer, which kicked off thanks to some seriously shady tweets from social media star Charli D’Amelio toward the Sway House’s very own Chase Hudson.


Claiming that Chase had swapped spit with Nessa Barrett during an off-point in their relationship (although they still seemed to be sweet on each other), the internet was quick to turn on the internet’s favorite e-boy with harsh judgement — as well as Nessa Barrett, the then-recent ex-girlfriend of TikToker Josh Richards.

However, Chase claimed that both he and Nessa had been single at the time, prompting even more outrage around the situation, which later prompted Chase to air out allegations of infidelity among some of TikTok’s elite male creators.

Charli D'Amelio calls out Chase Hudson on Twitter.
Twitter: Charli D'Amelio
Charli D’Amelio called out Chase Hudson for apparently kissing Nessa Barrett while still being emotionally involved with her.

While Chase and Charli quickly made amends (and even seem to be on good terms now), Barrett still regrets ever having kissed Chase amid the confusion of his relationship with the youngest D’Amelio sister, as told during an Instagram Live interview with the Zach Sang Show on October 9.

“Yeah, that was a terrible mistake that I made,” she said of the incident. “But I don’t think that we should have gotten hate for it online. But I do regret that, a lot.”


“I don’t know — I was still in love with Josh,” she continued. “I don’t know why, a lot of people are trying to make it seem like a cheating scandal thing. …I didn’t intend for any of that to happen. Sometimes, things just happen. I’m 18, you know? It was obviously the wrong person, and… I don’t know.”

Jokingly comparing their smooch to a “test drive,” it seems that her kiss with Chase wasn’t really much of “fling,” after all — and while she was adamant that they had both been single at the time, the drama from the fallout of their kiss seems to have put a dark stain on that particular moment for the TikToker.