KSI doubles down on “dream fight” with Jake Paul: “I’m here to expose him”

Michael Gwilliam
Jake Paul vs KSI

YouTube star KSI is doubling down on his plans to fight Jake Paul in a dream match that he says will decide the “greatest YouTube boxer of all time.”

KSI will be making his long-awaited return to the ring on August 27 where he will be fighting not one, but two opponents in the form of UK-based rapper Swarmz and Mexican boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

After that, however, the KSI has his sights set on Jake Paul – the undefeated brother of fellow influencer Logan Paul in what could be their biggest battle yet.

Speaking with MensHealth, KSI revealed why he wants to duke it out with Jake Paul and reaffirmed his goal to “expose” the 5-0 ‘Problem Child.’

KSI vows to beat Jake Paul to become “greatest YouTube boxer”

After claiming that his upcoming bouts will be mere “tune-up fights,” the British rapper revealed that a match with Jake Paul is his “dream.”

“I want Jake Paul. That’s why I’ve come back. Everyone thinks he’s sick. Everyone thinks he’s the goat, and I’m here to expose him and show everyone he’s not as good as he thinks he is,” KSI confidently explained.

KSI and Jake Paul looking at each other
The KSI vs Jake Paul rivalry could finally reach its conclusion.

“I’m going to show everyone that I’m the greatest YouTube boxer of all time,” he added, saying that after that match, he might take on other boxers or even UFC fighters.

“I’ve got a goal that I want to achieve, which is Jake Paul, and once I get that let me push my body some more, see how far I can go and find someone else that people would think I would never be able to beat.”

With Jake Paul set to take on an unknown opponent in October, it’s unclear when he will actually step into the ring with KSI, but chances are a match could end up happening sometime in 2023.

Jake Paul vs KSI topped our list for influencer boxing matches we want to see, so hopefully, unlike The Problem Child’s previous scheduled fights against Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr, this one actually takes place.