Influencer boxing super card: 8 dream fights we want to see

influencer boxing super cardInstagram/JakePaul/PewDiePie/Twitter/DrDisrespect

Ever since Logan Paul and KSI fought, boxing matches between YouTubers, TikTokers and Twitch stars have become must-see events — but what would the ultimate dream card look like?

Imagine, if you will, an event with no injuries bogging it down, plenty of scores to settle and an unlimited budget to make each match a reality.

For many, Jake Paul vs KSI is already the top choice to headline such an event. The two are undefeated, have a heated rivalry, and are planning to finally duke it out sometime in 2023. That said, what could make such an anticipated fight even bigger? What would the rest of the card look like?

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With so many rivalries across the internet and high-profile feuds, there’s no shortage of possible matches, but here are five that we’d want to see to create the best event possible.

xQc vs PewDiePie

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg aren’t just two content creators who happen to both be named Felix — they’re also two of the biggest names on Twitch and YouTube.

Think about it: On one side you have xQc, the king of Twitch and expert in gorilla warfare thanks to all those Winston Primal Rages in Overwatch. On the other, you have PewDiePie, probably the biggest solo creator on the planet.

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Having the two take each other on in a Twitch vs YouTube showdown would absolutely be a blast, and could very well sell out any arena. And speaking of arenas…

Dr Disrespect vs Twitch

This is, perhaps, the most mysterious feud on this fantasy card. The beef between Dr Disrespect and Twitch began when the Amazon-owned site banned the two-time in the summer of 2020 and to this day, no one knows why.

The dust settled when Doc took Twitch to court over the ban and a settlement was reached, but the bad blood definitely lives on and who better to fight the two-time then Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

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As an added gimmick, if Dr Disrespect unleashes the violence, speed and momentum to beat Bezos, he would be unbanned on Twitch. Sounds like a must-watch fight for any fan of streaming.

Pokimane vs Amouranth

Amouranth has claimed the crown as the top female content creator on any platform with non-VTubers Pokimane and Valkyrae trailing behind. But who is the better boxer?

It’s a war between hot tub streams and Valorant broadcasts. The two biggest female streamers on the planet putting their fists in each other’s faces. Who wouldn’t pay to see this?

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It’s not like this duo has any issues with each other, but sometimes respect for your opponent can make for a good match and hopefully that’s what happens if they square off.

Bryce Hall vs The Island Boys

Despite this fight being agreed upon, it still hasn’t happened, but it absolutely should.

A two-on-one boxing match may seem like a ridiculous bout, but if all parties want to make it a reality, then it should absolutely happen, especially with the three feuding with each other.

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Admittedly, The Island Boys’ popularity has fallen off a bit since this proposed fight, but for anyone who wants to see them potentially get KO’d, this will definitely sell some tickets.

Alexandra Botez vs Andrea Botez – chess boxing

The Botez sisters may be the queens of chess on Twitch, but how would they handle the heat in a boxing ring?

Luckily, the very real sport of chess boxing can help us answer that question. The rules are simple: Compete in alternate rounds of boxing and chess until someone wins by KO, referee stoppage, checkmate, or their time runs out.

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If this sounds like a wild battle between sisters, that’s because it would be. And it would be a great way to incorporate chess boxing into the scene.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather 2

The feud between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather needs a conclusion.

Okay, this really just includes a single influencer, but it’s too good to pass up.

The first fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather was, as Joe Rogan described it, a freak show. With bad blood over Paul failing to receive his payment for the fight, why not run it back one more time?

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Of course, you’d need some sort of guarantee that Logan actually gets compensated for this one, but considering there’s no one else he’d rather slap than Floyd, if you can get him the money, chances are he’d agree.

Hasan vs Andrew Tate

The beef between Twitch star Hasan and Andrew Tate exploded after the socialist commentator was kicked off a debate against the former kickboxer.

At this point, Andrew Tate has the internet rallying against him amidst a slew of charges and controversial statements, so there’s no doubt Hasan would be a fan favorite.

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If Hasan is able to KO Tate, it could be a moment that would live on in internet history for many years to come.

Jake Paul vs KSI

jake paul vs ksiDexerto

This has to be the single most-requested fight in the entire influencer boxing game. Two undefeated combatants with a storied rivalry finally deciding who is the best of the best.

After Jake Paul secured victories over former mixed martial artists Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, he tried to match up against Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr, but both fights got canceled and not many people seemed to be showing much interest in them.

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All this can change with a fight against KSI where either Paul will avenge his brother’s losses or the British rapper can prove that he’s the real top dog in the influencer boxing world.