KSI confirms plans for Jake Paul boxing match: “Everything else is just a side quest”

Shay Robson

KSI still has his eyes locked on the big fight, insisting that everything is just a side quest till he steps in the ring with his rival Jake Paul.  

Fans have been waiting to see KSI and Jake Paul go at it for years now, and seemingly there’s not long left to go till the two finally touch gloves. 

While the super fight event is likely far from being finalized, the two YouTube boxers have agreed to ultimately duke it out sometime in 2023

Though, till the inevitable showdown, the British YouTube star has claimed that everything he’s doing is just side quests to prove he’s the best.

KSI still focused on Jake Paul bout

Following the Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys press conference, host Big Zu asked the YouTuber what the boxing world has in store for him in the future.

“January, I’ve got a few opponents on my mind, and bro, I just want someone to fight me you know? I want someone to properly give me a go,” KSI replied.

“But, I’m ready man. My main goal to come back is to fight Jake Paul,” he added. “That’s the main reason, that’s always the goal. Everything else I’m doing is just side quests.

“It’s just me just having and showing the world why I’m so much better than Jake Paul — like so much better.”

Noting that Jake has the hype behind him, KSI continued to assure everybody that he’s levels above his rival. “Obviously, he’s got the hype, he’s got the knockouts. But, when it comes to me getting in that ring with him, you’ll see the levels.”

Acknowledging that there’s still work to go till he works his rival, there’s no telling exactly when the two will be stepping into the ring together.

With both fighters gearing up for a bout in the next few months, a mid-2023 showdown isn’t out of question.