KSI condemns his “outrageous” Twitter tirade against Wade Plem

Virginia Glaze
KSI condemns his twitter outburst against wade plem

YouTube star KSI has finally responded to fans calling him out for his viral Twitter rant against combat sports enthusiast Wade Plem, condemning his own actions as “outrageous.”

KSI’s feud with The W.A.D.E. Concept has officially been laid to rest after the British boxer finally addressed his fans’ concerns with their sudden online spat.

The issue began on March 20, when Plem uploaded a YouTube video speculating that Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2 would sell more PPVs than KSI’s highly-anticipated bout against Paul.

This prompted KSI to go off on a fiery Twitter rant against Plem, calling him “fake” and “two-faced.” The altercation ended with KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, eventually firing Plem from hosting events for Misfits Boxing.

KSI lashes out at wade plem on twitter
KSI lashed out at Wade Plem in a now-deleted Twitter rant – but the two have since made up.

Although KSI issued a public apology to Plem, he went on to state that he was “not comfortable” speaking with the YouTuber moving forward on an episode of the Side+ podcast, saying Plem “just wants to constantly be on everyone’s good side.”

Later, KSI posted a tweet saying he’d spoken with Plem on the phone and finally sorted out their issues, claiming that both parties merely wished for Misfits’ success and had found common ground.

However, commenters were still piling on KSI underneath his videos, with many users pleading, “Justice for Wade.”

KSI responds to fan backlash over Wade Plem feud

On March 28 — a few days after the conflict died down — KSI uploaded a YouTube video discussing the situation at length, where he took full responsibility for lashing out at Plem on Twitter and even called his actions “outrageous.”

“My outburst on Twitter was just outrageous,” he said. “I, genuinely, was serious. Obviously, now I’ve apologized. This was out of order. This was crazy.”

“The whole thing has just been a misunderstanding,” he continued. “Wade’s just a really nice guy, and none of the stuff I said here [on Twitter] makes sense for Wade. Wade wants what I want.”

That’s not all; KSI even claimed that Plem was free to work with Misfits again at any time, but urged his fans not to direct their anger at his manager over the ordeal.

KSI’s feud with Wade also resulted in an unexpected spat with Jake Paul, who urged his rival to take a fight with him — under certain conditions.

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