Jake Paul offers to hire Wade Plem after explosive fallout with KSI

Jake Paul hits out at KSIYouTube: BS w/ Jake Paul, JJ Olatunji

Jake Paul has offered to hire YouTuber and former Misfits Boxing host Wade Plem after the creator had an explosive falling out with KSI over his thoughts on the Tommy Fury rematch.

KSI has officially cut ties with YouTuber Wade Plem (of ‘The W.A.D.E. Concept’) following a fiery rant on Twitter on March 20.

The drama began after Plem discussed the possibility of KSI vs Jake Paul as opposed to Paul’s upcoming rematch with Tommy Fury. According to Plem, it’s unlikely fans will ever see Jake vs KSI actually happen, and predicted the Fury rematch might sell more tickets than the long-awaited KSI bout.

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“We heard from Jake in the IMPAULSIVE podcast, he does not think that the KSI fight sells like a Tommy Fury rematch and a Floyd Mayweather fight,” Plem explained in a YouTube video. “And I don’t know that I can disagree with him right now.”

KSI took issue with Plem’s thoughts on the subject and lashed out at him on Twitter, calling the YouTuber “two-faced” and “fake,” among a plethora of other insults.

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Since then, it’s been confirmed that Plem was officially fired from Misfits — but he might have a new job already, if Jake Paul has anything to say about it.

Jake Paul clashes with KSI amid fiery Twitter feud with Wade Plem

Hours after the Twitter exchange, ‘The Problem Child’ weighed in on the situation, calling KSI an “insecure clown.”

“Wade is quality,” he argued. “Plays it down the middle. Says things about me I don’t like, but that just means he’s keeping his opinions real. Now, back to my vacation.”

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KSI hit back at Jake with one of his older tweets that said, “get rid of anyone who plays both sides” — but Jake was quick to turn the tables on his rival.

“This you?….talking about a REPORTER that worked DAZN shows? You are regressing maturity wise. You remind me of me when I was 19, but you about to be 30. Apologize to Wade and fire the unprofessional manager,” Paul wrote.

That’s not all; Paul’s company, Most Valuable Promotions, published a tweet appearing to hint that Plem would be joining them for Jake’s next fight alongside The MMA Hour’s Ariel Helwani.

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“Does this mean MVP’s broadcast partner for Jake Paul’s next fight can get Ariel Helwani and Wade Plem? Let’s go!!!”

They later pushed out another post, where they wrote: “We look forward to having our broadcast partner(s) negotiate to secure Wade Plem’s services as part of the MVP &/or PFL event Broadcast Team for future events.”

Now, it looks like Plem has officially moved on; Jake Paul retweeted a post from Mirror Fighting’s Donagh Corby saying that DAZN and PFL both confirmed to the outlet that Plem will be hosting PFL Newcastle later this month.

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For now, it’s unclear where Plem’s future lies in influencer-boxing, but it’s obvious that Jake Paul and MVP are happy to secure him as talent in wake of his sudden beef with KSI.

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