Jake Paul tells KSI to “be a man” and agree to fight without a rehydration clause

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Daniel Cormier Jake Paul

Jake Paul has called out KSI for stipulating that a fight between the two of them must involve a rehydration clause, with the Paul brother stating that KSI has been “running” from their showdown for four years.

The feud between Jake Paul and KSI continues to intensify, with the two trading massive blows on Twitter during the past 24 hours. While the main conversation between the two centered around a $30 million fight offer that KSI quickly shut down, another major talking point between the two was in regard to a rehydration clause that KSI seems adamant on making Jake agree to before they fight.

After KSI tweeted out to Jake, “it’s been five years. We’re both ready, just sign the contract and let’s fight you p**sy”, Jake Paul was quick to respond and hit back at the former.

“Yeah and four of those years you were running. You want me to come to London and fight at an unnatural weight with a rehydration clause then it’s all or nothing. Or be a man. Take the fight without rehydration clauses. 185. 50/50.”

For those who may not know what the rehydration clause in boxing is, it’s essentially is an outline of how much weight a fighter is allowed to put back on ahead of the fight, to ensure a fair match-up when the two fighters do eventually step in the ring together.

It’s not uncommon for a fighter to put on extra weight and muscle after cutting themselves down to make weight prior to stepping onto the scales. 

As well as this, there are also instances where fighters do weigh in and are overweight, meaning they have to cut even further before the match goes ahead.

Therefore, a hydration clause, in the case of the KSI vs Jake Paul match, means that the two would be limited on how much they are able to put back on between the weigh-in 24 hours prior and the actual fight itself. While Jake does not seem too excited by the idea, KSI had made it clear that one of his terms for this fight is to have this clause enacted.

Time will tell what the exact details are regarding the future match between KSI and Jake Paul. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here at Dexerto. 

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