KSI apologizes to Wade Plem after fiery Twitter tirade

KSI lashes out at wade plem over jake paul tommy fury commentsYouTube: The W.A.D.E. Concept, JJ Olatunji / Twitter: KSI

KSI has apologized to former Misfits Boxing host Wade Plem, after Plem claimed that Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2 would sell more tickets than Jake’s highly-anticipated bout with KSI — sparking a massive Twitter tirade from the British creator.

KSI is preparing to retire from boxing, claiming he’ll take three fights in 2023 before hanging up his gloves for good.

Right now, he’s vying for a bout with Tommy Fury or Jake Paul later this year… but thus far, it’s looking like Paul isn’t showing interest in taking a fight with his rival across the pond.

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Initially, KSI hoped to fight Jake before his rematch with Tommy Fury, or at least only if he wins, claiming another loss for ‘The Problem Child’ would potentially kill all hype for the bout.

With Jake aiming for a rematch this summer, KSI’s plans are looking more and more unstable — and doubt is looming in some of his circles, as well.

KSI lashes out at “two-faced” Wade Plem for hyping up Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2

Wade Plem, a content creator and host of KSI’s promotional company, Misfits Boxing, says he doesn’t see KSI vs Jake Paul happening at all, and even argued that Paul vs Fury 2 has the potential to sell more pay-per-views than KSI vs Jake Paul.

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“We heard from Jake in the IMPAULSIVE podcast, he does not think that the KSI fight sells like a Tommy Fury rematch and a Floyd Mayweather fight,” Plem explained in a March 20 YouTube video. “And I don’t know that I can disagree with him right now.”

(Topic begins at 6 minutes)

KSI appeared to take issue with Plem’s stance on the subject and took to Twitter to blast the Misfits host, calling the creator “two-faced” and “fake” in a string of now-deleted tweets.

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“This man acts like he knows everything about boxing,” KSI wrote. “He doesn’t know sh*t. You’re not that guy. Can’t believe Sharky let this snake into my box. F*ck off.”

“This Wade guy plays all sides,” he continued his rant. “Trying to please everyone. You are so fake, omg. F*ck you and everything you stand for, you two-faced ****.”

KSI lashes out at wade plem on twitterTwitter: KSI

A Twitter Space soon followed that saw KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, publicly decry Plem and seemingly kick the creator from Misfits, saying, “Have fun on KingPyn.”

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Shortly after, reports from Fred Beck claimed Wade had indeed been let go. “Obviously, there is more to it than just today’s video,” Mams Taylor allegedly said. “It wasn’t over today he got fired, it’s been long coming.”

Plem himself is now advertising his services, saying in the Space: “I may as well promote it now, as I’m not working for Misfits, that I’ll be working for the PFL.”

He later left a single comment on Twitter at first, one to sum up his feelings on the situation, saying, “What just happened?”

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Before long, Plem followed up with a more in-depth statement, arguing back while claiming he has “never switched up” on KSI. “My opinions of a potential fight don’t reflect my opinion of you as a person or a fighter. I’ve always respected you as both.”

KSI addresses outburst at W.A.D.E. Concept over Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury opinion

KSI went on to address fans’ reaction to his tirade and apologized for taking things public, but held firm that he’s unhappy with Plem for ‘switching up’ on him in person.

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“To you it’s an overreaction, but to me, it’s a buildup of a lot of things behind the scenes,” he wrote in another tweet. “You can have a public opinion, but don’t come to me on a switch up when you see me in person.”

“Sorry for my outburst but I’m human, I’m gonna get angry sometimes.”

ksi tweet wade 2Twitter: KSI

That’s not all; on March 21, KSI offered a public apology to Plem on Twitter, saying his now-deleted posts were “way out of character.”

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“We’ve already spoken privately, but I wanted to publicly apologize, too,” he wrote.

KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, also spoke out on the situation with an additional reply to Plem for what he said about the host in the fiery Twitter Spaces chat that broke out amid the initial confusion.

“I apologized to Wade for allowing my emotions and passion to take over by firing him on Spaces,” Taylor said. “That wasn’t cool, and I’m sorry I did that.”

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Plem has yet to comment on these apologies at the time of writing.

For now, it’s unclear if Jake vs KSI will ever end up happening — but it’s clear that this incident has stoked a fire that could draw some eyes from The Problem Child as he gears up for his rematch with Fury.