KSI claims he’s “not comfortable” talking to Wade Plem after Twitter drama

Brad Norton
KSI next to Wade Plem

Two days removed from KSI’s explosive Twitter tirade aimed at Misfits Boxing host Wade Plem, the British YouTube star has apologized once again though claimed he’s no longer “comfortable” talking with him in private.

With KSI effectively steering the ship at Misfits Boxing, helping promote each event while featuring in many of the brand’s biggest, the internet celeb is naturally going to take criticism to heart.

So when influencer boxing reporter and occasional host Wade Plem allegedly praised the recent tag team fight concept in private with KSI, before criticizing it in public, both parties got into a scuffle online on March 21.

“This Wade guy plays all sides, trying to please everyone, you are so fake,” KSI said in a string of deleted tweets. “F*** you and everything you stand for you two-faced c***.”

As the hours rolled on, KSI’s manager Mams Taylor entered the fight to announce Wade was no longer part of the Misfits broadcast team moving forward. With Plem caught in the middle, taking hits from all sides, he simply asked “what just happened?” amid the outburst.

Before long, KSI issued an apology online for his fiery rant, claiming it was “way out of character” and that he’d messaged Plem privately to further express things from his side. Now, more details have been revealed as KSI appeared on Side+ to discuss the situation in more detail and reveal his perspective on Plem.

KSI lashes out at wade plem on twitter
KSI lashed out at Wade Plem in a now-deleted Twitter rant.

“Wade is obviously allowed to have his opinion on anything,” KSI began. “But I’m allowed to hate on it as well. I’m allowed to not like his opinion.”

The main argument against Plem has to do with KSI’s alleged personal interactions behind the scenes. When the tag team boxing concept first surfaced, Plem supposedly backed the idea in private with KSI, calling it “brilliant” at the time. Though online, that wasn’t quite the case as KSI claimed he was critical in public.

“Like bro, one minute you’re saying you like it to me in private, then publicly you’re saying what the public wants to hear. With Wade, he just wants to constantly be on everyone’s good side. That’s gonna rub me the wrong way.”

While he remains adamant in his stance on Plem in general, KSI did repeat his apology, saying his now-deleted outburst on Twitter was “bad of [him]. I deleted that and I’ve messaged Wade.”

Sharing some of the private message in the video, he repeated that his “outburst was so uncalled for. I’m sorry for the tweets. However, I just don’t feel comfortable talking to you. We can be civil publicly, but your comments just rubbed me the wrong way. You can have your opinions but it doesn’t mean I have to like them.”

Ultimately, it appears the two can remain peaceful in public, but it doesn’t seem as though KSI wants much to do with the influencer boxing insider moving forward.