Jake Paul reveals his biggest issue with KSI as he bashes rival with Wade Plem

YouTubers KSI and Jake Paul

Jake Paul has revealed his biggest issue with his rival KSI, putting the British YouTube star on blast with Wade Plem.

Jake Paul and KSI’s rivalry has been long in the making. Since taking down his older brother in 2019 via a split decision, Jake has been seeking retribution for the Paul brothers.

Their feud has certainly become more personal over the last few years, and now Jake has revealed what his problem with KSI is.

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Jake Paul reveals his problem with KSI

Throughout Wade Plem’s five-hour-long April 7 live stream, The Problem Child admitted that his issue with his rival lies with him being an “egotistical narcissist.”

“I see right through him because I used to be like him. I used to be the insecure famous dude, who had this like fake confidence,” said Jake.

Wade then asked ‘The Problem Child’ for his opinion on KSI’s latest controversy — where he faced backlash for using a racial slur in a recent Sidemen video.

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“He’s just like an egotistical narcissist,” Jake replied. “Like I see it, and his image and how people see and view him means everything to him. He can’t sleep at night unless people like him and he’s winning and he’s the man.”

Jake continued to explain how he used to be in the same mindset as KSI, which he claims gives him control and the ability to manipulate his rival.

“I used to be like that, and it was a long journey for me. I woke up one day and was like this is terrible, why am I like this? It took me years to like find self-love and I’m still working on it like crazy,” he said. “But I see that KSI is still so deeply into that. He’s in the thick of it for sure.

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“I can manipulate his mind, I’m in control. Like bro anything I say to this guy, he was mad at you because of me.” Jake added: “From the outside looking in, if you had a psychologist or someone assess this guy, he’s just brittle.”

It’s now been over five years of back and forth since the two began eyeing up a fight. However, they’re still yet to make their bout official. Although they’ve both promised fans that they’ll finally go to blows in 2023 with a “winner takes all” fight.

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