KSI apologizes to Wade Plem over “big misunderstanding”

Virginia Glaze
KSI apologizes to wade plem after twitter feud copy

YouTube-boxer KSI has offered a public apology to Wade Plem after publicly flaming the former Misfits host for comments he made about Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2.

Earlier this week, British influencer KSI lashed out at combat sports YouTuber Wade Plem in a public Twitter spat that went viral.

The issue began after Plem theorized that KSI’s highly-anticipated fight with Jake Paul likely wouldn’t happen — and even claimed Paul vs Fury 2 would sell more PPVs than KSI’s long-awaited grudge match.

This prompted KSI to hit out at Plem in a string of now-deleted tweets, calling the commentator “two-faced” and “fake.”

KSI lashes out at wade plem on twitter
KSI lashed out at Wade Plem in a now-deleted Twitter rant.

The resulting aftermath saw KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, dismiss Plem from hosting Misfits Boxing events. Since then, Plem has signed on to work with the PFL.

KSI later issued a public apology to Plem, saying his Tweets were “way out of character” — but then discussed the situation at length on an episode of the Side+ podcast, where he claimed he’s “not comfortable” speaking with Plem any longer.

“One minute you’re saying you like it to me in private, then publicly you’re saying what the public wants to hear,” KSI said. “With Wade, he just wants to constantly be on everyone’s good side. That’s gonna rub me the wrong way.”

Plem also uploaded a video responding to the entire situation, where he said KSI and Mams Taylor’s apologies “rang hollow” and that the two weren’t “even trying to hide the fact that they’re lying.”

That’s not all; according to the Big Stream Alerts account, KSI unfollowed Plem on Twitter, appearing to wash his hands of his former coworker.

KSI officially apologizes to Wade Plem over Twitter feud

However, it seems as though the two creators have finally settled their beef, as KSI posted another public apology to Twitter that put the entire ordeal to rest.

“Talked to Wade, and this time I’m actually sorry,” he wrote. “Legit this whole thing has just been a big misunderstanding. We both want the same thing, success for everyone in the influencer boxing scene. Wade is a good guy. I messed up completely, my bad man.”

Wade also offered a reply to the situation, saying in a response to KSI’s post: “JJ you’re a real one for the call man, genuinely… I appreciate you reaching out. And you’re right, this scene deserves us ALL working toward its success.”

For now, it looks like this viral internet feud has been put to bed — but KSI’s beef with Jake Paul is hotter than ever, with the two hashing out terms for a fight contract on Twitter just yesterday.