Kris Tyson shocks fans with progress photos after revealing new name & pronouns

Alice Sjöberg
Kris Tyson Anthony Padilla

Kris Tyson made jaws drop as she posted before and after photos of the transformation she’s undergone during her six months of Hormonal Replacement Therapy, and fans were quick to shower her with compliments.

Kris Tyson, who is best known for her appearances in MrBeast videos, has been open about her gender identity, having previously stated that although she wasn’t always sure of the “exact terms” of her identity, she was “very sure that a cis male is not correct” for her since she was young.

In a July 21 interview with Anthony Padilla, Kris Tyson officially came out as a woman with new pronouns and an updated way to spell her name, after having gone by they/them pronouns before this.

Talking to Padilla, Kris revealed that she had always felt like a woman and wanted to slowly introduce her fanbase in the same process she went through when learning her true self.

Kris has now shared more insights into her life as she posted before and after photos after being on Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRP) for six months.

“6 months on HRT,” Kris wrote in the tweet along with the photos.

The photos show that Kris’ facial structure has gotten slimmer and more feminine looking while her hair now is styled in a middle parting rather than the flicked-backed look she sported before revealing her new gender.

Fans flood Kris with support after seeing the transformation photos

After posting the photos on her Twitter on July 30, Kris was flooded with supportive messages and compliments on the photos.

One person wrote: “Congrats!! You look so much happier, we’re so proud of you queen.”

Another said: “Congratulations Kris! Looks like everything is going well for you, and I hope it continues to go smoothly :)”

“Oh b***h you’re gorgeous, it’s so obvious you’re feelin’ yourself. Congratulations!” a third person wrote.

The few negative comments Kris got, she was quick to hit back and defend herself, with her fans right behind her.