Fans flood Kris Tyson with love as she reveals new name & pronouns

Dylan Horetski
Kris Tyson Anthony Padilla

Kris Tyson has revealed her new name and pronouns, officially coming out as a woman, and fans have already begun flooding her with love.

Back in April 2023, Kris Tyson responded to speculation about her gender after users began questioning her appearance in a MrBeast video.

She revealed that she had started undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy, and explained that she was going by any pronouns at that time.

In a July 21 interview with Anthony Padilla, Kris Tyson officially came out as a woman with new pronouns and an updated way to spell her name.

Fans show love as Kris Tyson comes out as woman

On July 21, 2023, alongside the video interview with YouTube star Anthony Padilla, Kris Tyson updated the spelling of her name — and let fans know her new pronouns.

Talking to Padilla, Kris revealed that she had always felt like a woman and wanted to slowly introduce her fanbase in the same process she went through when learning her true self.

In a tweet to Anthony, she said: “Thanks so much Anthony Padilla for allowing me to tell my story.”

In a matter of minutes after the video was uploaded, longtime fans of Kris’ content on YouTube began sharing their love and appreciation for the creator across social media.

“I am so over the moon and happy for you!” one user replied.

Another commented: “So very proud of you Kris, thanks for sharing your story with us.”

“Love you, it was great to hear it,” a third said.

It’s unknown when she’ll be in another MrBeast video, but given the fact MrBeast has supported their gender identity for “years,” it’s only a matter of time till we see her appear on the channel again.