MrBeast smashes another PewDiePie YouTube milestone as he keeps dominating

Connor Bennett
PewDiePie hits back at claims he makes more than MrBeast

MrBeast has smashed another long-standing PewDiePie milestone on YouTube as he’s now got the most total views on a channel to go with surpassing his incredible subscriber numbers. 

When PewDiePie started cutting back on his YouTube content, it was a foregone conclusion that his standing as the biggest and most popular YouTuber around would start to come under pressure. 

Well, back in November, MrBeast finally surpassed PewDiePie’s 111m subscriber count, putting himself above the previous king by a fair margin. The Swede had even urged Jimmy and his team to take his spot during a Q&A video as he settled into his new life in Japan in 2022. 

Despite being at the top, MrBeast hasn’t rested on his laurels. His channels and business ventures continue to grow and grow, and as a result, he’s managed to take yet another one of PewDiePie’s massive milestones away from him. 

MrBeast beats PewDiePie for total views on main YouTube channel 

As of July 26, MrBeast has now surpassed the massive total views record as his dominance over YouTube continues and he keeps on blowing past Pewds’ accomplishments.

PewDiePie previously held the top spot and had 29,069,308,089 views, but as of the last updated count, the American YouTuber has shot passed him with 29,077,461,841 views on his main channel. 

Of course, this number is always in flux, but with MrBeast pumping out videos more regularly than PewDiePie it’s unlikely that the previous YouTube king is going to reclaim his spot from Jimmy.  

Despite his success against PewDiePie, it’s going to be hard for MrBeast to topple some other creators that stand above. 

Discounting some of the music-focused channels out there, Vlad and Niki – a channel focused on content for kids – has a whopping 77,448,333,741 total views. MrBeast, for all his success, has barely gotten a quarter of the way there, which is just ridiculous.