Korean Twitch streamer literally falls out of chair after lobster “comes back to life”

heehee1004 was afraid of a lobsterTwitch/heehee1004

A Korean Twitch streamer got the biggest shock of her life after a lobster she was preparing to cook seemed to come back from the dead, scaring the bejesus out of her.

The streamer, whose channel name is ‘heehee1004,’ seemed to be preparing the lobster with scissors and other instruments to get the meat out.

As she started working on part of the creature, it suddenly began to move, as if it had suddenly returned to life, causing the streamer to understandably freak out.

Out of nowhere, she screamed, waved her arms around like an inflatable tube man outside of a car dealership, and literally fell out of her chair, crashing to the ground.

This could have been especially dangerous, considering she had scissors in her hand just a moment earlier. Luckily, she’d put them down just prior to the lobster’s apparent second coming.

As the streamer wept on the floor, visibly upset by her seafood, her dog came to comfort her.

Nonetheless, despite the dog’s presence, she continued to cry on the ground. It’s unclear if she was more upset by falling down, the lobster moving, or the fact it had all happened live on stream.

Despite her cries, the dog continued to help, opting to lick her face, which at the very least turned any pain she was experiencing into mere frustration.

For some streamers, this would be enough to make them end the broadcast, but heehee persevered. She would ultimately have her revenge too, as the lobster eventually wound up cooked and in a bowl for her to enjoy.

A clip of the frightening incident quickly spread on Reddit with the caption, “Korean streamer’s lobster comes back to life while preparing it for cooking.”

heehee1004 freaks out by lobsterTwitch/heehee1004
The streamer really freaked out.

Many expressed sympathy for the streamer, writing how they too would have jumped out of their seat if they were in her position. One user even had an explanation for what happened, writing, “This happens all the time when you pinch nerves quickly after death, for most animals and seafood. It’s gnarly, but not unethical or anything. Salt can trigger this sort of stuff, too.”

Hopefully, the next time heehee does a cooking stream, the process is a bit smoother and she doesn’t end up hitting her head.