Kick streamer under fire after kicking cat out of bed during broadcast

Virginia Glaze

A controversial Kick streamer by the name ‘Suspendas’ is facing backlash online after kicking his pet cat out of his bed during a ‘sleep stream.’

(Content warning: This article discusses distressing events. Reader discretion is advised.)

Animals can be a heartwarming part of any live stream… but viewers were left outraged after one broadcaster booted their pet out of their bed during a recent stream.

The incident took place during a July 19 stream on Kick when a user named ‘Suspendas’ decided to lay down for a ‘sleep stream.’

Sleep streams are exactly what they sound like. They broadcast someone sleeping — sometimes to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Suspendas is a streamer on Kick.

Kick streamer incites outrage after kicking cat out of bed

Instead of money, though, it seems as though the only thing Suspendas managed to rake in during his sleep stream was outrage.

The broadcaster wasn’t yet asleep when his pet cat hopped on his bed, appearing to want to cuddle with its owner. Suspendas wasn’t having it though, and literally kicked the animal off his bed when it tried to walk over his body.

Users on social media were outraged over the incident, with many angry viewers taking to Twitter to call out the streamer for potentially harming his cat.

“Isn’t this animal abuse?” one user wrote. “Kick allows this?”

“Poor kitty,” another wrote. “Once again, Suspendas proves what an a**hole he is.”

Viewers on the Livestream Fails subreddit echoed similar sentiments, with one user saying he was “awake and angry, and took it out on the cat.”

Thus far, it doesn’t seem as though Suspendas has offered a response to the outrage against him online — but this isn’t the first time the streamer has come under fire. In April, he was accused of allegedly having sex on stream while the child of his partner was in the same room.

He isn’t the only creator to face backlash over his treatment of animals, either. In 2019, YouTuber Brooke Houts came under fire from all sides after uploading footage of herself hitting and spitting on her pet dog, although she was allowed to keep the animal following an investigation by the LAPD.