Kick streamer Suspendas accused of having sex in front of child while livestreaming

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Kick streamer and content creator Suspendas has been called out by viewers and other community members for allegedly having sex on stream, with the child of his partner in the same room.

Kick streamer Suspendas has come under fire for allegedly broadcasting on the platform while having sex, with a child in close proximity. Clips of the moment are circulating online.

“Chat, I couldn’t hold out,” the streamer can be heard saying, addressing his viewers directly after the act. While the incident occurred out of frame, it has been alleged there was a minor in the room.

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“The kid was right there,” fellow streamer Slykane said during their review of the clip. “She even says it, ‘my kid is watching the dinosaur, don’t worry,’ she says it. It’s probably not the kid’s first time that this is happening,” the streamer said.

At the time of writing, Suspendas is yet to address the incident publicly. Similarly, Kick, the budding streaming platform, is also yet to comment on the situation or issue any punishment. Suspendas still has an active platform on the account with over 15,000 followers.

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Of note, this is not the first time Suspendas has come under fire for his actions while live. Previously, Suspendas was under fire for reportedly sexually assaulting a woman on stream.

Streaming community reacts to Suspendas allegedly having sex while live

As a result of the latest controversy, many have taken to social media to voice their disgust at the moment, many calling on Suspendas to be removed from Kick.

One Reddit user wrote, “Can this guy just get sent to the gulag already? He is genuinely a terrible piece of s*** person.” Another added that “Suspendas is a creep, and his fans are disgusting for brigading this. So gross.”

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Following on from this initial incident, another Kick streamer claims that they have now been shadow banned from the platform after reporting Suspendas’ stream to the site. “My stream’s not showing on Just Chatting anymore?” they questioned.

“We got banned, he hit up the team? He actually did he hit up the team, are you going to allow this? Are you going to allow this Sam Pepper guy to like, keep streaming?”

Sam then claimed that “he 100% frantically messaged the mods” in an effort to have his account shadowbanned.

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