Kick streamer imposes religion on kids in Fortnite after being permabanned on Twitch

Meera Jacka
DrWitnesser called out for preaching to children on Fortnite

Well-known Christian streamer DrWitnesser has been called out for purposely matching with children on Fortnite in order to discuss religion with them.

‘DrWitnesser’ isn’t new to making headlines. In his bid to “bring the gospel to gamers”, DrWitnesser received a 7-day suspension from Twitch in 2020, after telling a muslin-child that he would be “sentenced to hell”.

The self-proclaimed “esports missionary” was eventually permabanned from the platform for ‘hateful conduct’. Undeterred, DrWitnesser has since moved his streaming efforts to Kick while also sharing prerecorded content on YouTube.

But it seems the devout Christian is not quite in the clear just yet after being called out for imposing religion on kids in Fortnite.

Twitter account ‘kayluckydog’ shared screenshots featuring some of DrWitnesser’s most recent posts, suggesting that Epic Games should “put this guy on a watch list”.

“He purposely plays Fortnite in hopes of getting matched up with kids, so he can try to talk to them about Jesus/religion,” Kay claimed in the tweet. “His content is creepy as f*** targeting kids.”

While it cannot be confirmed that the streamer goes out of his way to match with kids, it seems Kay isn’t the only one with concerns.

Erik, who goes by ‘thecardsharp2’, publicly tweeted at YouTube, asking the platform whether they were ok with this sort of behavior.

“I’m a YouTube Premium subscriber and I certainly don’t wanna see videos of kids being targeted and harassed like this,” Erik said in their tweet.

YouTube has yet to respond, leaving DrWitnesser to continue uploading videos for the time being. If the platform does choose to pursue any course of punishment for his divisive content, DrWitnesser has been known to threaten legal action for religious discrimination.

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