Christian streamer suing Twitch after ban, claiming religious discrimination

drwitnesser christian twitch streamer suing TwitchDrWitnesser

Well-known Christian streamer DrWitnesser has revealed that he plans to sue Twitch following his ban on the grounds of religious discrimination.

The self-proclaimed “esports missionary” was indefinitely banned from the platform on January 7, 2021 due to “hateful conduct.”

This came just a few months after he received a seven day ban for telling a Muslim child that he would be “sentenced to hell” during a Fortnite game.

After moving his stream over to YouTube following the indefinite ban, DrWitnesser has now decided to legally challenge Twitch.

DrWitnesser streaming FortniteDrWitnesser
DrWitnesser has faced multiple bans from Twitch, but doesn’t think they’ve been on fair grounds.

Alongside a screenshot of what appears to be the legal papers for the proceeding, DrWitnesser explained his plans and why he wanted to sue Twitch.

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“I’m currently seeking legal representation against Twitch & Amazon for unlawful termination of my Twitch account on the basis of religious discrimination,” he said. “Unless Twitch restores my account in full and removes strikes against it, I will not waver from this pursuit of Justice.”

The document screenshot is from the Superior Court of California in the county of San Francisco. It is addressed from the Plaintiff, DrWitnesser, vs. Twitch Interactive, Inc, or

While, of course, there were some supportive of his decision, Witnesser was largely mocked in the replies. One follower sent him a picture of Twitch’s rules around hateful conduct and harassment, to which DrWitnesser explained that he did “none of that.”

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While it’s not possible to tell exactly how this legal proceeding will go for DrWitnesser, the common belief is that it won’t be good. Irrespective of the grounds he plans to sue them on, taking on giants such as Amazon rarely ends well.

This will also likely be an expensive venture for Witnesser, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see the outcome.