Twitch evangelist banned for telling kid he’ll “go to hell”

Bill Cooney
Jesus McCree header for Twitch streamer who told kid he was going to hell

A Twitch streamer has been banned for seven days from the website for telling a teammate in Fortnite they would “go to hell” if they didn’t accept Jesus into their life.

Twitch streamer Dr. Witnesser, who works to “bring the gospel to gamers” according to his profile, has been banned for seven days from the platform for apparently telling a non-christian child he was going to hell if he didn’t accept Jesus into his life.

Dr. Witnessser tweeted on July 13 accusing Twitch of being part of the “#cancelchristianity culture” for banning him for “talking about what the Bible says on stream.”

Dexerto couldn’t find any rule in the Twitch ToS or Community Guidelines that specifically forbids proselytizing on the platform, but it may have been the way Dr. Witnesser went about his preaching that nabbed him the seven-day suspension – and a fair amount of backlash on social media, including from Fortnite pro and streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman.

Apparently, the incident that got Dr. Witnesser banned happened during a Fortnite game when he was put on the same team with a young Muslim player, who eventually got into discussing their beliefs with him.

“If you’re denying what scripture says,” Witnesser explained, “you’re denying the hundreds of prophecies that were fulfilled through Jesus.”

“In the Muslim culture, we don’t really talk about that,” his teammate replied, to which Witnesser answered, “You don’t really talk about it because you don’t believe it.”

“Forget the fact that it’s America dude,” he said when his teammate again tried to point out the differences between their and Witnesser’s beliefs. “It’s Christianity in general, it doesn’t matter if I’m in America. Christianity is all over the world. So look, if you were to die in your sins today, you would be sentenced to hell.”

As we mentioned earlier, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the Twitch ToS or Community guidelines that forbids what Dr. Witnesser was doing on his stream, but it may have been the way he went about it that rubbed the streaming platform the wrong way.

In any case, Dr. Witnesser doesn’t seem discouraged by the temporary ban, and will apparently be taking his work to D.Live in the meantime – but whether he’ll end up returning to Twitch once his ban is over remains to be seen.

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