Ice Poseidon facing 5 years in Thai prison after “obscene” lap dance on Kick stream

Michael Gwilliam
Ice Poseidon gives girlfriend a lapdance in thailandKick/Ice Poseidon

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon says he’s facing up to five years in a Thailand jail after he was arrested for giving his girlfriend a lap dance.

A party at a hotel restaurant in Thailand has become a nightmare for Ice Poseidon and his crew of Kick streamer friends when their shenanigans upset a manager.

On June 28, Ice was partying it up inside the restaurant, wearing lingerie and giving his girlfriend Kimberlee a lapdance that she won’t ever forget, for all the wrong reasons.

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Shortly after the dance, the manager showed up and had the streamers arrested where they’ve since learned their antics could result in a ton of jail time.

Ice Poseidon says he “won’t survive” Thai jail after lap dance arrest

In the time since being arrested, Ice Poseidon has shared updates on Discord, revealing he spent $12,000 on bail and could be stuck in Thailand until his court date in 2024.

According to Ice, the Thai jail he was in before posting bail was awful, explaining how he was only given a bucket with “poop already in it” if he had to use the bathroom.

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“If I get 5 years I’m just going to kill myself. I will not be able to survive Thai jail,” the streamer said.

In another post, he revealed that he was charged with “distribution of obscene content” because he filmed the lap dance. He also claimed that Kimberlee’s dress was a problem because it was “too revealing.”

The Kick star says that his charges are the same as the ones levied against OnlyFans creators back in 2021 for violating Thailand’s Computer Crime Act.

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Ice Poseidon discord messagesDiscord
Ice Poseidon says he won’t last five years in Thai jail.

As he awaits a court date and has his Visa extended, Ice has said that everyone is so stressed out they may not even stream on Kick for the foreseeable future.

“I’m in mental torment,” he said. “I cannot be myself.”

However, circumstances have changed. Ice Poseidon claims that the charges have since been dropped. He isn’t in the clear just yet, but he’s made progress in the case according to more messages posted in his Discord.

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While Ice went on to claim that there’s “still a chance” he goes to jail in Thailand, he’s on the road to being a free man.

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