Kendall Monroe “takes back” apology to Nessa Barrett amid ‘copycat’ drama

Kendall Monroe takes back apology to Nessa BarrettInstagram: nessabarrett / TikTok: kendall.monroee

TikToker Kendall Monroe has officially “taken back” her apology to Nessa Barrett after the two got into some beef due to accusations of Kendall ‘copying’ Nessa’s look and content.

Kendall Monroe is a relatively popular TikToker with over 77,000 followers on the video-sharing app.

However, she has come under fire over the past few months for allegedly ‘copying’ another popular creator on the platform — influencer and singer-songwriter Nessa Barrett.

In the past, Kendall has been accused of copying Nessa Barrett’s style, videos, Instagram pics, and even tattoos, with some fans theorizing that the tattoo she got in memorial of late creator Cooper Noriega was a little too similar to Nessa’s tattoo that she’d gotten with him prior to his passing.

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Kendall Nessa tattoosSnapchat: Ness / Instagram: itskendallmonroe

Since then, Kendall has apologized to Nessa, saying in a video that she had actually created her TikTok account as an “experiment” to “really see how much hate there was in the world of social media.”

“I am not obsessed with Nessa, nor have I ever wanted to be Nessa,” she explained.

It doesn’t look like these two are on good terms, though, as Nessa Barrett joked about getting even more tattoos in a pointed callout to Kendall’s butterfly tat.

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Kendall Monroe rescinds apology to Nessa Barrett

That’s not all; Barrett also posted a now-deleted comment on TikTok that read “Boo you suck” — something that Kendall wasn’t too happy about.

Nessa Barrett Kendall tiktok commentInstagram: tiktokroomtm

She hit back at the comment in a now-deleted video, saying that she was “genuinely trying to apologize” to Nessa at the time. That is, until she saw her “boo you suck” comment, which Monroe called a “4th grade response.” So, she officially “took back” her apology, pairing the video with Lily Allen’s song called, ‘F**k You.’

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Thus far, Nessa has yet to speak on Kendall’s deleted video — probably because she’s getting ready to release her new album on October 14.

This is just the latest drama to come Nessa’s way after she and Mads Lewis had to clear up some fan rumors when they published a string of vague tweets.

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