KEEMSTAR jokingly announces legal action against Fortnite developers Epic Games - Dexerto

KEEMSTAR jokingly announces legal action against Fortnite developers Epic Games

Published: 23/Dec/2018 1:13 Updated: 23/Dec/2018 20:22

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber and Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has jokingly announced that he is officially taking legal action against Fortnite developers Epic Games. 

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KEEMSTAR announced the supposed move in a Tweet on December 22, coupled with a screenshot of Fortnite’s Gnome skin.

“I will be joining the class action lawsuit against Fortnite, aka Epic Games!” KEEMSTAR wrote.

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He went on to clarify his stance on the issue, claiming that his Tweet was not made in jest, but it’s likely that he’s simply stringing his followers along in an effort to keep the joke going.


“People think this is a joke,” KEEM continued in a reply Tweet. “It’s not.”

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KEEMSTAR seemingly doubled down on the issues, referencing the many YouTube videos that are drawing a connection between him and the new Fortnite gnome skin released on December 22.

KEEMSTAR’s stance on the matter is yet another example of him taking aim at Epic Games, as the YouTuber has been outspoken about his distaste for the company in the past. KEEM went on a notable rant against Epic on November 9, after fans called for a return of his ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournament series in light of his ‘Creative Destruction’ event.


“The amount of disrespect Epic Games has shown me has made me an enemy for LIFE!” KEEMSTAR said of the situation in a Tweet. “I’ll never support anything they do!”

The YouTuber’s ‘Friday Fortnite’ initiative, although successful at first, was reportedly dashed due to scheduling conflicts with Epic’s ‘Summer Skirmish’ tournament series. Additionally, KEEMSTAR took issue with the developers’ cap on the competition’s prize money, feeling that they didn’t “respect or value” the entertainers and content creators who helped grow the game’s popularity.