Kai Cenat “dares” Twitch to ban him again after dropping music video with iShowSpeed

Kai Cenat wearing white tank top and blue beanieKai Cenat

Kai Cenat has dared Twitch to ban him again after releasing a music video with banned streamer iShowSpeed.

Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed are two of the biggest streamers on the internet, both amassing millions of followers to date on their respective platforms.

On April 27, the two stars came together to release their own song “Dogs” — alongside a sub-two-minute long music video showing off their rapping talents.

However, Kai Cenat fans were worried that the record-breaking streamer may face another ban from Twitch, leading him to dare the platform to take action against him.

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Kai Cenat “dares” Twitch to ban him again

During his April 27 live stream, Kai began playing the new song on stream leaving, viewers were concerned that the Twitch star may face another ban from the platform.

Twitch prohibits streamers who are banned from their platform from appearing on another channel, meaning Kai could be in violation of this rule.

But, Kai was confident that he wouldn’t be banned. “I’m not getting banned, I’m not getting banned,” he asserted. “If I get banned everybody who I’ve seen react to this better get banned too.”

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The 21-year-old then went as far as to dare Twitch to ban him: “I dare you, I f**king dare you! Oh, I dare you,” he said.

Although he’s almost certain he won’t be banned again, the Twitch star undoubtedly has options if the platform does decide to take action.

With the rise of rival streaming platform Kick, it leaves the door wide open for Kai to jump ship — and make a ton of money doing so at the same time.

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