Rumble boss urges Dr Disrespect & more to join amid Kai ‘N Speed Show success

kai cenat, ishowspeed and dr disrespect with rumble logoRumble/YouTube/DrDisrespect

Rumble shocked the internet by signing streaming sensations Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed to an exclusive show – and CEO Chris Pavlovski is encouraging others to join the platform, including Dr Disrespect.

Video and streaming platform Rumble has seen a lot of growth in 2023, having signed Mizkif, Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed and a plethora of other creators to boost its offerings.

In comparison to other rival sites, Rumble is very loose with what kind of content creators are allowed to produce – something that could be enticing to up-and-coming streamers, especially with the Kai N’ Speed Show doing big numbers.

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During an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Pavlovski weighed in on how Rumble plans to grow, the types of creators they’re pursuing, and “stereotypes” about content on the platform.

Rumble looks to “diversify” its content with more creators like Dr Disrespect

According to Pavlovski, Rumble has an “abundance” of political content at the moment, featuring the likes of Steven Crowder and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. They’re looking to expand and “diversify” their portfolio and bring on streamers that appeal to a different audience.

So far, they’ve done just that in the form of the Kai N’ Speed Show, also signing JiDion and Mizkif, but the search is far from over.

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Kai Cenat IShowSpeed looking into the cameraRumble/The Kai ‘N Speed Show
Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed are dominating Rumble.

“We’re looking for creators in different verticals, whether it be live streaming or VOD, we’re indifferent. Obviously, we think live streaming is a big part of the future and will eventually eat into the market share of cable television, so we’re doing a lot on the show front,” he said.

One of the biggest free agents at the moment is Dr Disrespect, who streams on YouTube without a contract, having been famously banned on Twitch. While rumors suggest he may switch to Kick, Rumble is throwing its name into the mix.

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“We would definitely love to have Dr Disrespect,” the Rumble CEO declared. “We’re interested in basically everyone that wants to create authentic content and create content without barriers.”

Content creators aren’t the only ways that Rumble is growing. The platform is also currently offering UFC pay-per-views in Canada, and looks to expand on that through other sports and countries.

Rumble CEO calls criticism of current content “preposterous”

Pavlovski also addressed those who criticize Rumble’s political content and took aim that those who dismiss the site.

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When Mizkif joined the platform, there was plenty of criticism from streamers like Pokimane who called his decision “unfortunate” due to the amount of right-wing commentators and controversial figures on the site like Andrew Tate.

“I know we have people on all sides of the political spectrum on Rumble. We just got the Democratic presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr live streaming on Rumble. He’s definitely not on the right. I think it’s preposterous to label people on Rumble with any sort of stereotype,” he said.

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That said, Pavlovski admitted that a lack of diversity with creators on the platform was a “problem”, a problem he thinks has since been rectified.

rumble contentRumble
Rumble has changed a lot in the past year.

“We’ve brought on a lot of different people, people that have nothing to do with politics at all. So I think that’s changed now, more so than ever.”

“In 2023, most of our signings have been non-political content. We’ve signed Nitro Rallycross, Street League Skateboarding, we’ve got Power Slap. These are all massive deals for us. Anyone labeling that to be political doesn’t understand what kind of content Rumble has on its platform.”

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It’s going to be interesting to see how Rumble fits into the ongoing streaming wars with the competition between Twitch, Kick, and YouTube raging on.

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