Ludwig announces Subathon 2.0: Trapped in a glass box live at DreamHack Atlanta

Carver Fisher
Ludwig | YouTube

Ludwig’s original Subathon on Twitch made him one of the largest live streamers in the world. Now he’s doing Subathon 2.0 in front of a live audience at DreamHack Atlanta.

Ludwig’s original Subathon has gone down in Twitch history, far beyond his tenure on the platform. After the switch to YouTube, he has remained one of the biggest figures in streaming. Through his YouTube exclusivity, Ludwig has remained an incredibly popular streamer, with tens of thousands of viewers in attendance every time he goes live.

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Over a year and a half after his original, month-long live stream, he’s at it again with Subathon 2.0. His goal? 50 hours of continuous streaming.

While the number isn’t all that impressive compared to its predecessor, Subathon 2.0 has a twist: it’ll be taking place at Dreamhack Atlanta in front of a live audience.

Ludwig holds live Subathon at Dreamhack Atlanta

According to the description on DreamHack’s official website, Ludwig will be locked in a windowed room for 50 hours. “Locked away like a caged animal and you at home can come to see and walk around his box live from DreamHack Atlanta while he streams from home for the World to see!”

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Additionally, Ludwig has more than a sub-goal this time around. “While Ludwig is locked away in his box of despair he’ll be aiming to raise $100,000 for two charities: Alveus Sanctuary and No Kid Hungry.”

He’ll also be setting some donation goals that, once reached, will cause “madness” to occur on his stream. Other than that, details have been sparse as to what will be happening on-stream.

The way this stream will be conducted raises a lot of questions. What will he be doing on stream? What do his donation goals have in store? When’s he going to sleep?

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This event will take place from November 18-20.

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