Kai Cenat hits back at Destiny over ‘black zoomer streamers’ comments: “You’re clearly racist”

Kai cenat and destinyTwitch: Kai Cenat / YouTube: Destiny

One of Twitch’s biggest stars in 2022, and recently crowned streamer of the year, Kai Cenat, has responded to Destiny, after the YouTube streamer criticized young black streamers gaining popularity.

On December 6, Destiny reacted to a clip of IShowSpeed, a fellow YouTuber who was accused of being racist towards a Chinese fan at the 2022 World Cup.

Destiny said, “Is this the Kai Cenat guy? Oh, this is the Speed guy. Ok. There’s like this whole new legion of like, black zoomer streamers.

“For as much as they talk about how all white people did was scream at the camera, I feel like that’s all these guys do. I don’t know if they have more content, but holy sh*t.”

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Kai responds to Destiny

Unsurprisingly, the clip got the attention of Kai himself, who hit back at Destiny for criticizing what he doesn’t know.

“If Twitter comments were a person, this is what it is. Bro, ‘I don’t know if they have more content, but let me go ahead and hate on them for what I see.

“How about you do your research, bitch? […] Clearly you are a racist, but guess what, I don’t give a f**k.”

Kai suggested that Destiny was jealous of seeing black creators on top in the streaming world. Speed is immensely popular on YouTube, and Kai has been dominating Twitch.

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In 2022, Kai has gained over 2.4 million followers on his channel, and Speed has exploded to internet stardom.

As for the clip where Speed was accused of being racist towards a fan, he has since issued an apology and explanation.