Kai Cenat breaks Twitch viewership record during Lil Baby stream

Kai Cenat and Lil Baby on TwitchTwitch: Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat’s cataclysmic growth on Twitch is continuing with the platform’s rising star breaking his own viewership record on October 19. After announcing Lil Baby would appear on his stream, more than 200,000 viewers watched on for the collaboration.

Kai Cenat has gone from strength-to-strength on Twitch. Gaining more than 1 million followers across 2022, he’s been constantly at the top of the charts with tens of thousands of average viewers every broadcast.

However it exploded to another level on October 19 after he brought rapper Lil Baby on to chat about his latest album “It’s Only Me”, which released on October 14.

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Promoting it on Kai’s stream couldn’t have brought it to a wider audience, and it was breaking viewership records for Cenat.

There was a lot of buildup ahead of Lil Baby’s entry onto stream. Then once it was confirmed he and his team were at the door, Kai Cenat jumped out of his chair to meet him and bring him into the stream room.

Once Lil Baby actually showed up to the stream, the viewership numbers rocketed from 190,000 to 225,000 and more. The duo talked about their backgrounds, Lil Baby’s new background, and also what Twitch is.

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The Twitch star was his usual bubbly self, which was in direct contrast to the chill Lil Baby who was trying to figure out their bearings around this new part of the internet.

It was a record breaker for Kai Cenat too, breaking his previous peak viewership on Twitch. It sat at around 174,000 viewers, making it the first time he has broken 200,000 concurrent viewers on a broadcast.

However it’s not quite the biggest livestream in Twitch history: that goes to Ibai and his La Velada Del Año II event which pulled more than 3 million peak viewers.

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It’s yet another achievement in Cenat’s wild 2022 which has seen him reach heights thought unimaginable on Twitch in such a short period of time.

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