Kai Cenat blown away after becoming Twitch’s second most subscribed streamer

an image of kai cenatTwitch: Kai Cenat

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has become the second most subscribed streamer, marking a massive milestone for the content creator.

Rising up through the ranks of Twitch is no easy feat. The streaming platform is home to some of the world’s leading streamers, such as xQc, NICKMERCS, and HasanAbi. Forging their own impressive path on Twitch is Kai Cenat, who has continued to reel viewers as part of the YouTube supergroup Any Means Possible.

The hard work has paid off for Kai Cenat, as the content creator has become the second most subscribed streamer on Twitch.

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Kai Cenat shares elated celebration as he surpasses 60,000 Twitch subscribers

During his August 26 Twitch stream, Kai Cenat was anticipating his subscriber count to pass the coveted 60,000 mark. Alongside his friends and family, the creator donned a suave red blaze for the occasion.

With 60,000 subscribers in sight, Cenat didn’t hesitate to share his ecstatic reaction with his viewers. Parading around his room and busting out some celebratory dance moves, the streamer was simply in awe of their achievement.

Mostly lost for words, the streamer only just about managed to say “my Mother!”, before erupting in a fit of laughter. After gaining some composure back, Cenat requested: “yo, clip that! Somebody clip that sh*t!”

Cenat thanked his fans over on social media too, saying “60K subs on Twitch accomplished, this unbelievable love y’all so much!”

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The streamer has received plenty of appreciation for fans and fellow streamers alike. Nick ‘NMP’ Polom was among the social media responses, simply adding: “Let’s go.”

Another YouTuber, Solo, added that it’s “inspiring AF” to see Cenat rise up the ranks.

Cenat began his career with the YouTube supergroup Any Means Possible, which continues to release an array of pranks and skit videos.

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