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JustaMinx calls out “unfair” Twitch suspension compared to other bans

Published: 20/Dec/2020 12:56 Updated: 21/Dec/2020 16:52

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer JustaMinx has slammed Twitch after pointing out the “unfair” treatment she received over her ban, comparing her situation to that of a streamer who says she accidentally revealed inappropriate content on stream.

Update – 12/21/20

JustaMinx has tweeted that she is considering leaving Twitch altogether after being banned, revealing that the ordeal left a “sour taste.”

She explained she was blindsided and Twitch “still didn’t even fully confirm which word got me banned…Like if I got a one-year or indefinite ban I wouldn’t know what to do.”

For now, Minx has said she will stick to being “family-friendly” upon her return to Twitch and revamp her brand.


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JustaMinx has accumulated a substantial following on streaming platform Twitch, with hundreds of thousands of fans across various platforms.

However, her fans were outraged to hear that the star had been banned on December 17. She revealed on Twitter that the reason for the ban was cited as the use of “hateful slurs or symbols,” explaining that she had used words such as ‘simp’ and ‘virgin’ in her broadcast.

This follows outrage from the community over Twitch’s announcement that they would be cracking down on the use of these words when not used as part of “casual banter,” a policy that was set to go into effect from January.


While it’s unclear what the specific reason JustaMinx was banned is, it certainly seems to have frustrated many people, especially Jinx herself.

JustaMinx speaks out against Twitch

Speaking on her alt Twitter MinxMore, she explained how unfair it was that someone who showed very explicit content on the site only got a three day ban, “but 7 days to me for saying words that I didn’t even mean in a hostile way.”

She refers to a streamer who caused outrage after she “accidentally” went live on Twitch, revealing rule-breaking adult content, for which she only received a three day ban.

Minx went on to say “I’m obviously gonna wait out my sentence but it’s just a bit unfair. I hope I’m not gonna be a targeted streamer like Forsen and barry74 lmaoo.”


Barry74 is another streamer who called out the short length of the accidental streamer’s ban, stating that his own ban had gone on for over 90 days, shading Twitch over their seemingly unfair judgement.

The announcement of the new terms of service have given streamers another reason to be overly cautious, as it seems impossible to predict just how long a ban will be should one arise.