Jschlatt goes on Twitch ban spree to kick off mega return to streaming

jschlatt-twitch-returnTwitch: Jschlatt

Jonathan ‘Jschlatt’ Schlatt kicked off his Twitch return after a two-year absence in style: Unveiling his master plan to “clean up his community” by banning over 100,000 viewers — with purpose and direction.

In September 2021, Jonathan ‘Jschlatt’ Schlatt revealed that he no longer enjoyed making content on YouTube. He also hadn’t streamed on Twitch for nearly two years, leading many to believe that he was done being a content creator.

However, he made a shock return to Twitch on December 17, and the first thing he did was reveal his ‘master plan’ to “clean up the kind of community he was fostering” on the platform by banning Minecraft stans.

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Thousands of them.

Jschlatt Twitter Islamophobic CommentsYouTube: Jschlatt
Jschlatt didn’t hold back in his surprise Twitch return.

“We made a bot to scrape every single Twitch account that had Karl Jacobs, NotFound, or WasTaken in them,” he said. “Every single one. We’ve got a bot who is going to go through all of these commands live.”

Then, without batting an eye, he fired up the bot and let it do its thing. It proceeded to ban more than 100,000 viewers, and it happened in perfect harmony to some classical music.

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“This is what it’s all about!” screamed Jschlatt, ecstatically. “Get f**ked! F**k you! Never come back, b*tch! All of you! Every single last one of you. I never want to see you ever again on this Twitch stream. This is mine!”

“There’s no way any of you are going to come in here with these bullsh*t ass user names and try to take my show away from me. This is tens of thousands. No, hundreds of thousands of people in this f**king document. All gone just like that.”

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After the massive ‘purge’ had run its course, Jschlatt described how it felt in one word: “Freeing.”

He explained that he felt like most people assumed his chat was going to be toxic. So, he wanted to do something about it, and he did.

“Were you here for the f**king purge?” he told fans before moving on.

Fans were indeed there for the purge, with the streamer peaking at over 130,000 concurrent viewers in his return stream.

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It doesn’t look at slowing down too, with the star promising streams at least once a week to reignite his love for content creation.

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