Jschlatt admits he “no longer enjoys” YouTube, is considering quitting permanently

Jschlatt admits he's hit "rock bottom" on YouTube recently.YouTube: Jschlatt

Popular One True King content creator Jonathan “Jschlatt” Schlatt is on the verge of quitting YouTube, admitting he “no longer enjoys making videos” like he used to, and wants to step away from the platform permanently.

Jschlatt has been a popular figure on YouTube over the past eight years, and rose to explosive Minecraft stardom on the SMPLive server alongside other modern internet icons like CallMeCarson and Dream. His YouTube journey may soon be over, however, after Schlatt admitted he “no longer enjoys” creating content anymore.

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The YouTube star dropped his bombshell on Sep. 2.

“I usually clickbait you guys, so I imagine most people think I’m joking… some elaborate scheme. But, it’s not. I have not enjoyed making videos on YouTube for a while now,” Schlatt said in a video titled “I’ve been thinking of retiring.”

“I guess you guys might have been able to pick up on that fact, given I haven’t really uploaded in two months, it’s been all but radio silence from my camp. And even my most recent videos have just been me sitting down, talking about how grumpy I am. It’s been ‘old man yells at clouds’ for months.

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“And honestly, what right do I have to complain about my situation, getting three million views on every f**king video. It just doesn’t seem that fair.”

Jschlatt Twitter Islamophobic CommentsYouTube: Jschlatt
The popular One True King creator has been struggling to upload anything recently.

Jschlatt went on to reveal he’s “hit rock bottom” recently.

First, it was a health scare with his cat, who had to have “round-the-clock care” after swallowing several fridge magnets. He has also been couch surfing and bouncing from new apartment to new apartment, after his house was sold. Then, as he came to terms with both of those problems, his grandma passed away.

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“It’s just been bad luck after bad luck after bad luck,” a teary Schlatt said. “I feel like Minecraft Steve, who just made a dirt hut with no door, and a one-block wide chest, and a bed, and that’s all I got. And it’s grass now, I’ve got the green top.”

The YouTuber revealed while he had been struggling through the last few months, he took a long look at his career. The introspective unveiled one thing for him: no matter if he quits, “someone else would just take his place.”

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“I’m replaceable,” he admitted. “I can walk out the door, and out pops another dude with a New York hat and a funny accent, and he’ll do my same job.”

Jschlatt YouTubeYouTube: Jschlatt
Jschlatt boasts more than 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

The One True King content creator revealed he already has a plan post-YouTube; the Minecraft star will be developing and producing an internet talk show.

Jschlatt doesn’t have a name yet, but says it’s coming “soon.”

“The most fun I’ve had in recent memory was when I went to LA for my podcast,” he explained. “Me, and a few others just sat down in this beautiful f**king set, it was sick, we got Michael Reeves on, we got Game Grumps on, all these people I respect. It was so much fun. That’s the kind of stuff I wanna do.

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“I have thought about throwing in the towel, retiring, quitting, but I have a lot in the pipeline. I’m willing to give it all another shot, in another way.”

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