Josh Richards responds to Nessa Barrett dating rumors

Nessa Barrett next to Josh RichardsInstagram: nessabarrett / joshrichards

TikToker Josh Richards has responded to rumors that he’s getting back together with Nessa Barrett after the pair were spotted together in Canada.

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett are both hugely popular stars on TikTok, with millions of followers between them. They also used to be in a relationship, however, they officially broke up in 2020.

The stars were thrust into the spotlight again the following year, when Nessa started a relationship with fellow TikToker Jaden Hossler, who was formerly dating Mads Lewis, sparking a wave of controversy on social media.

Eventually, in May 2022, Nessa and Jaden announced that they had parted ways, saying in a shared message: “Last month, we broke up to take time to focus on our own careers and mental health. Please don’t send hate or make assumptions.”

Now, some fans think that Nessa and Josh could be getting back together, after they were spotted taking pictures with fans during a trip to Canada. This is among several other occasions the pair have been seen together.

In episode 94 of the BFFs podcast, Josh responded to the rumors that are steadily gaining traction. First, he addressed fan theories that Nessa had been in the room with him during a previous episode of the podcast, saying: “That’s not true. No, she wasn’t in the room.”

Topic starts at 27:05

Then, responding to Nessa being in Canada with him, Josh explained: “She came halfway through the trip in Canada. She was going through a rough time and she needed to get out of LA and stuff, and she called me and I was like ‘yeah, just come here.'”

It’s still not clear whether or not the pair are back together, but it seems many fans are just happy to see the two stars spending time together regardless.