Joe Rogan reveals new JRE Podcast studio in Texas, and it’s a throwback

Joe Rogan in new podcast studioYouTube: JRE Clips

Joe Rogan has revealed the first look at his new Texas-based JRE Podcast studio in an episode with comedian Tom Segura, and it’s a throwback for his long-time fans. 

Since starting in 2009, the Joe Rogan Podcast has had a few homes in its time. It’s been based out of comedy clubs, Rogan’s home, as well as studios in both Los Angeles and Texas.

When Rogan revealed that his time in Los Angeles was up and that he was making his way to Texas back in June, he also signed a mega deal to take his podcast to Spotify. As a result, he got a new studio as well. 

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The red light-lit, spaceship-like setup didn’t go down too well with fans at first with many calling it “tacky” and imploring the UFC commentator to go back to his old simple set-up. Well, now, he sort of has done. 

Joe Rogan's podcast studio in texasThe first Austin podcast studio was revealed in August, but not everyone was a fan of the design.

Rogan teased that a new studio was in the works at the end of March and on his April 10 podcast with Tom Segura, he’s finally shown it off, and it’s a bit of a trip.

The wood wall behind Rogan, the red curtain behind where the guests sit, and the big wooden table between them makes it seems like the podcast host has just flown in his old LA studio, but there are a few fresh tweaks.

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Instead of just having a plain wall behind him, Rogan has a custom Joe Rogan Experience light on the wall that appears as if it can be tweaked to display different messages based on which guest he has appearing on the show at that time.

Fans and former guests have already praised the new look too. “The previous studio looked like Mars. This one looks like Texas. Love it,” commented Lex Fridman. “The new studio looks bad ass!” said weightlifter Wes Kitts. 

It won’t be long before other guests start to make their way to the new studio, and there should be a few funny remarks about how it looks like they’ve gone back in time.

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