Joe Rogan responds to backlash over “tacky” new studio

Georgina Smith
Joe Rogan in new podcast studio

Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan has responded to the flood of hate in his comment section pertaining to his new Texas podcast studio, with many fans wanting it to go back to the old, more simple studio design.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has garnered a huge following in its 11 year stint, each episode regularly receiving millions of views, with a cast of star studded guests including Miley Cyrus and Elon Musk.

Recently he scrapped his original studio design with a simple brick wall and a curtain, and moved from “crazy” LA to Texas for a fresh start, away from the toxic looting culture Joe had begun to associate with LA.

The new studio was unveiled in episode 1533, a new futuristic cylindrical shape with intricate wall panels and a custom made table with other decorations. Most notable, however, was the bold red walls and lighting that cast an interesting glow over the studio.

Joe Rogan's new Texas podcast studio
Joe Rogan unveiled his new Texas podcast studio earlier in September

While the preview pictures Joe shared were promising, many fans of the podcast were unhappy when episodes featuring the new setup began to air, revealing that the interesting red glow was actually quite distracting in practice.

Comments related to the new studio are more than frequent when scrolling through the top comments of his recent videos. Some fans didn’t hold back, saying things like “this studio is growing on me, like a pesticide induced inflamed skin lesion,” and calling it “tacky.”

Commenter on Joe Rogan's new studio

Commenter on Joe Rogan's new studio

Commenter on Joe Rogan's new studio

Joe responded to the hate briefly at the start of episode 1540, saying “welcome to our polarizing studio, a lot of people don’t like it here, a lot of complaints, that’s what I’m hearing.”

Topic starts at 0:17

“Folks, relax, we had to bang this together in a month,” he continued. “If you think it sucks, that’s okay. I like it. It’s definitely weird, it’s just a big shock. Some people are bad with change.”

If the criticism in his comment section continues, Joe may well be forced to make some changes to the lighting to prevent it from becoming too much of a distraction, but from the sounds of things he is perfectly happy with things as they are for the time being.

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