Joe Rogan praises Jake & Logan Paul as “legitimate tough guys”

Georgina Smith
Joe Rogan on his podcast next to image of Paul brothers in training gear

Podcaster Joe Rogan has shared his thoughts on social media stars Jake and Logan Paul and their boxing skills, explaining that he sees the pair as “legitimate tough guys” contrary to some critics.

In the past few years, influencer boxing has risen in popularity, seeing stars like Joe Weller, Logan Paul, and KSI fighting it out for an audience of millions of live viewers, pulling in a huge amount of revenue.

The media attention the fights received promptly began to draw in huge name in pro-boxing, and recently Logan Paul was announced to be fighting Floyd Mayweather in February. Additionally, following Jake’s win against Nate Robinson in November, he has now revealed that he’s “dedicating his life” to defeating Conor McGregor.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight poster
Floyd announced the fight between the pair on December 6.

The seemingly rather unlikely pairings have got people weighing in on whether the Paul brothers are really as capable as they make themselves out to be, or if these fights are all just for show.

Never one to shy away from hot topics, Joe Rogan had something to say about the two social media stars and their boxing ambitions in episode 1580 with Andrew Schulz, defending them against criticism.

Speaking on youngest brother Jake, Rogan said “dude, he’s good. So is his brother. We played a video of his brother wrestling Paulo Costa, his brother is f***ing legit. He’s a legit athlete,” referring to eldest brother Logan.

Topic starts at 28:54

He also spoke about the preconception of the brothers that they’re just YouTube pranksters at heart, explaining that he thinks they have genuine strength as fighters. “You’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. I know those guys like to troll. But Jake and his brother are legitimate tough guys.”

The comments come amid a huge wave of doubt from critics over whether Logan Paul has bitten off more than he can chew with his upcoming fight against Mayweather in February, but it certainly seems like Rogan believes the Paul brothers are stronger than many give them credit for.