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Logan Paul reveals heated FaceTime call with Floyd Mayweather

Published: 17/Dec/2020 21:49 Updated: 18/Dec/2020 0:57

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul has finally uploaded a video documenting his process in scoring an upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather — which included a FaceTime call full of Grade A trash-talk.

Logan Paul has, once again, broken the internet after securing an exhibition match against the undefeated boxing pro Floyd Mayweather.

Set to face off in February 2021, these two giants are turning heads across the net in curiosity — but despite speculation to the contrary, it seems the beef between them could be the real deal according to their FaceTime call, which Paul revealed during a December 17 video.

The video itself told fans all about how Paul had tried to secure a fight with the 50-0 boxer, and even went to the extent of joining an online fan meet-and-greet to talk a little trash.



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“You down to fight me?” Paul asked.

“If you’re a real fighter, yeah,” Mayweather replied. “The thing is, you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are.”

“What I want to do is create the biggest f**king fight the world has ever seen,” Paul continued — to which Floyd responded, “Without you I can do that.”

“You already know, this ain’t what you do,” Mayweather continued. “You play boxing, but I fight for real. You know that.”

(Topic begins at 2:13)

While Mayweather didn’t seem convinced that Paul could hold his own in the ring, a contract showed up on his desk a while later, after Paul had done his darnedest to goad the boxer into taking him on.


It’s true; Paul even bragged to paparazzi that he could beat Mayweather in a street fight, prompting a wave of backlash and speculation from the fighting world as to his chances against one of the world’s greatest boxers.


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With little bro Jake Paul escalating a potential feud with UFC double champ Conor McGregor, it seems like the entire Paul family is charging full-speed ahead into the jaws of battle — and so far, it has put them at the center of the internet’s focus as they continue to vie for a legitimate spot in the fighting realm.