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Joe Rogan podcast parody has the internet completely obsessed

Published: 30/Nov/2021 14:38 Updated: 1/Dec/2021 11:44

by Connor Bennett


A group of comedians have parodied the Joe Rogan Experience with a 12-hour long podcast of their own, and social media users simply can’t get enough of it. 

Joe Rogan launched his Joe Rogan Experience podcast all the way back in 2009, and over the last few years, it’s become an absolute behemoth. The show, which covers a wide range of topics with different guests, has been snapped up by Spotify and has brought millions of users to the streaming service.

As popular as it is with fans of the UFC commentator, there are plenty of critics as well, with many disagreeing with his different viewpoints.


The podcast episodes have also become source material for comedians too. Most recently, Rogan’s dietary habits were mocked by Saturday Night Live, but now, a group of comedians have also taken aim at him, and their parody has garnered quite a bit of love across social media.

Joe Rogan on his podcast
YouTube: PowerfulJRE
Rogan’s podcast has been going for years and remains incredibly popular.

The parody of Rogan’s show comes from Tim Heidecker and the Office Hours podcast, as he had Rajat Suresh and Jeremy Levick play the part of guests.

Across the half-day-long episode, which is actually just a loop of the same hour-long conversations, the trio covers a wide range of topics and perfectly capture’s Rogan’s interactions with his guests including how they take turns rambling on for minutes on end.


They even have a backdrop that is akin to the JRE’s Texas studio, but they have a Fudruckers sign in place of the big neon podcast that Rogan’s show has.

Shortly after the trio’s spoof was uploaded to YouTube on November 25, it quickly started doing the rounds on social media.

Many called the comedians “genius” for their performance and complimented them for perfectly representing how many feel about Rogan’s show.

With Rogan being a comedian at heart, he may find some hilarity in the parody himself, but who knows if he’ll get around to covering it on a future episode.


We’ll just have to wait and see.