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Joe Rogan explains why he loved Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes speech

Published: 7/Jan/2020 10:32 Updated: 5/May/2020 16:21

by Calum Patterson


Joe Rogan couldn’t get enough of Ricky Gervais’ now-viral speech from the 77th annual Golden Globes awards, where the British comedian served up a brutal monologue about the wealthiest elites and corporations present in the room.

In his fifth and final time hosting the Golden Globes, fans and attendees have come to expect some rather on-the-nose jokes from Gervais, who adopts a Don Rickles-style of insult comedy during his opening segments.

However, for the 2020 ceremony, Gervais took things up a notch, and Joe Rogan couldn’t stop laughing about the incredible speech on the latest episode of his podcast.

NBCRicky Gervais captured the world with his outspoken speech.

Rogan was joined on 1406th episode of the Joe Rogan Experience by another comedian, Brian Redban, and the pair heaped praise on Gervais’ bravery and comedic talents.

Although he didn’t watch the ceremony live, Rogan explained that, like millions of others, he saw the clips surfacing online from the Hollywood event. He particularly enjoyed when Gervais joked that celebrities shouldn’t use their award speeches to make political statements.

“I was like ‘thank you, thank you Ricky, thank you.’ That guy, he’s out there swinging from the hip, chin up, telling it like it is, I love it.”


Redban admired that Gervais had called out Apple for using “sweatshops” – while the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, sat in the crowd.

“Dude, how crazy was that” Rogan said, “he went after Apple, then he said if ISIS opened up a studio, you’ll all be sending your resumes […] Good for him.”

The team then debated if Gervais had the speech pre-written, given that the production team had cuts to the audience prepared, but Rogan thinks the comedian may have just done his own thing.

“I don’t know man, he’s so badass, he might be able to do whatever he wants,” he explained, “he’s Ricky Gervais, he’s got the ability to say ‘oh, I’ll do it, but I’ll do it this way, and only this way’ – and they’re like ‘ok Ricky, we love you.'”

Gervais has, perhaps unsurprisingly, had to bat down some critics of his monologue, with commentators on both sides of the political spectrum accusing him of leaning one way or the other.

Responding, Gervais made clear that his mockery of those in the room that night was the furthest thing from ‘right-wing’, as some had suggested.

At least we know Joe Rogan was a fan, as were plenty of others, with the clip of the speech having been watched millions and millions of times already, spreading like wildfire on social media.

Perhaps, if fans are lucky enough, Rogan might get Gervais on his podcast, which has had numerous A-list celebrities on in the past. It would undoubtedly make for a legendary episode. Rogan and Gervais once appeared on a podcast together in 2014, the Opie & Anthony show.


Joe Rogan questions Kanye’s “calling to be leader of the free world”

Published: 24/Oct/2020 21:09

by Bill Cooney


Kanye West sat down for one of the most anticipated interviews of the year on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he explained why he’s got a “calling to be the leader of the free world.”

Kanye West is most known for being a famous rapper and entrepreneureur, but the musician is also a top-level fashion designer, architect, and, of course, a 2020 presidential candidate.

While he first announced his political ambitions at the 2015 MTV Awards, West has now revealed that it actually started while he was in deep thought during a shower.

“It hit me in the shower, and when I first thought of it I just started like, laughing to myself,” Kanye said. “Some people in the music industry, some tech elites, they just took it as a joke. I remember running into Oprah like two days after that and she’s like ‘you don’t want to be president.’”

Timestamp at 3:59 for mobile viewers.

According to the rapper, despite Oprah’s doubts, the outcome of the 2016 United States presidential election further encouraged him to pursue the highest office in the land as a political outsider.

“I believe that my calling is to be the leader of the free world,” Kanye told Rogan, dead serious. “If it’s in God’s plan that part of my path is to be the governor [of California] first, then that’s fine, but my calling is to be the leader of the free world.”

Rogan was definitely intrigued by what Ye referred to as his “calling,” but thoroughly questioned what the star would really change or be different than politicians before him.

“So when you say this, when you say your calling is to be the leader of the free world, what does that mean to you?” the host replied. “What would be different about the way you would handle things if that’s your plan, why is that your calling? Like, what would you do as the leader of the free world?”

Kanye West/Twitter
Kanye might not be on the ballot in every state, but that’s not going to stop him from running.

“There couldn’t be a better time to put a visionary in the captain’s chair,” Kanye argued back, in one of his more memorable quotes from the show. “I manifest, I see things, I’m a great leader because I listen, and I’m empathetic, I feel the entire Earth, and I feel us as a species, as the human race.”

The interview is a marathon at just under three hours long all stemming from this initial exchange, so if you want to hear the Yeezy founder talk all about his plans, ideas, and visions for the future, all along with what he would do as the leader of the free world, there is plenty here to go off of.

After initially canceling the interview because a member of his staff fell ill, Rogan and West managed to reschedule and it’s a good thing they did because after watching this, it definitely feels like we’ve been granted a very rare look inside the mind of Kanye like never before.