Joe Rogan explains his biggest problem with LA amid move to Texas

Georgina Smith
Joe Rogan on LA

Joe Rogan has spoken out about why he decided to move his podcast studio to Texas, and discussed the reasons why Los Angeles just isn’t for him.

While the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has primarily been based in California since the beginning, in June Joe announced that he was considering moving his podcast to Texas, though he didn’t specify specifically where he’d move to initially.

In the 1514th episode of the podcast, he said that he wanted to move to “somewhere in the center of the country” where “you have a little bit more freedom.”

Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience show
The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has over 8.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

He said that there are “too many people” in LA, and that the homelessness problem, the traffic, and the “economic despair” make it too difficult to live there. He said that he would be moving out to Texas with his producer Jamie “soon.”

In episode 1523 of the podcast, with Joey Diaz, he clarified a little more about why exactly about LA was driving him away.

Topic starts at 5:40

“Why do you feel this strongly about Los Angeles, lately?” he was asked. “I don’t think this is a healthy way to live,” he said, “I don’t think it’s good for your brain.”

He discussed how he has become somewhat desensitized to the craziness of the city, and referenced how common rioting and chaos is in that area. “You see a f**king looting and a riot and a building on fire on TV, you don’t even flinch.”

“Like, on a regular basis there’s riots. On a regular basis there’s crazy sh*t going on. In Portland, Seattle, they’re trying to burn federal buildings. This isn’t rare. This is like every day.”

Joe recently revealed a first look at his brand-new Texas podcast studio, a slightly different feel to match his new start in a different state away from the craziness of LA.

He’s also signing on with Spotify in what is believed to be a multi-million dollar deal.

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