Dr Disrespect reveals the Cyberpunk 2077 life path he’s planning to take

Dr Disrespect/CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 will offer players three different “life paths” for their characters throughout the game, and it seems like streaming sensation Dr Disrespect already has his mind made up about which faction he’ll be joining.

It seems like every time CD Projekt Red comes out with more information about their massively-hyped upcoming RPG, it manages to be one of the internet’s most discussed topics of the day. This was true on August 10, after the second “Night City” live stream from the game’s developers.

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One of the details revealed was the “lifepath” system, which offers three defining options for players to choose as the backstory for their character. These include Nomad, Corporate and Streetkid.

It didn’t take the Doc long at all to decide which path his character would be taking. As soon as he saw the three options, he immediately picked Corpo as his first starting choice.

Video starts at 6:43 for mobile viewers:

“I’m definitely going Corpo, to start my sh*t off, I’m definitely going Corpo,” Doc said after taking one look at the factions. “Easy decision.”

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It seems to have been the Corpo’s aesthetics that drew Doc in, as the Two-Time took an instant liking to the sleek, Champions Club-approved design of their vehicles, equipment and hideouts.

“What is this thing? Look at this thing,” the streamer said as he examined one elegant craft. “This looks like my tanning bed in my garage.”

CD Projekt Red
Cyberpunk and Dr Disrespect, a match made in heaven?

Lifepaths aside, Doc does seem very impressed with Cyberpunk so far and the work that’s gone into it, saying he can’t wait to play it at max settings on his “$350,000” monster of a PC.

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“Pretty amazing, the scope of creating a video game of this scale, and how much goes into it,” Doc reflected. “When you get a good developer like them, CD Projekt, you kind of have to appreciate all the details.”

We’re getting closer and closer to Cyberpunk’s current November 19 release date, and we can’t wait to see what kinds of speed, violence, and momentum Doc brings to Night City – even if he does go as a bougie Corpo.

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