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Joe Rogan reveals first look at new JRE podcast studio in Texas

Published: 9/Aug/2020 11:25

by Connor Bennett


Joe Rogan has revealed the first look at his brand-new podcast studio in Texas, and it’s safe to say it is looking pretty slick. 

Since starting, the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has always been pretty much based out of California. The UFC commentator has taken it around the state to various comedy clubs but the usual background has been his studio.

In June, Rogan revealed that he was considering moving away from California and ultimately decided to move his podcast to Texas. Though, he didn’t confirm a particular city or location in the Lone Star state, but just that he was ready to get away from his adopted home state.


As the hype has been building about his move to Texas, he has finally revealed the first look at his new studio as construction has gotten underway. 

Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience show
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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has over 8.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

The hugely popular podcast host revealed the image on his Instagram on August 8, but it clearly isn’t ready for him and his producer to sit down and start banging out three-hour-long podcasts with a guest.

Instead, the tables and chairs are in place, cameras are mounted, and there’s a TV, so it does look like the classic setting that fans are used to seeing.

However, the walls are pretty different. Instead of the box-like nature of his studio, it’s a bit more compact and the room has a curved feel and look. Though, it looks like they’ve still got some work to do with decorating the walls. 


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Texas JRE studio set up has begun!

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As the room looks like it isn’t a million miles away from completion, fans will be hoping that construction is finished soon enough so that they can start to get podcasts from the new location.

When that will be, though, is unknown as Rogan hasn’t set a date for the move nor when his first podcast will go live from Texas. So, its a case of wait and see.