Shroud reveals insane Twitch stats after first stream back

Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek finally made his long-awaited return to streaming on August 12, and his comeback to his old stomping ground on Twitch was a sight to behold. Now, the streamer has shared just how remarkable his return stream was in statistics.

Although his move to Mixer in 2019 was a lucrative one, it didn’t bode well for his average viewership. In fact, the move was so detrimental to his viewer count that he was only getting around 1/3 of his viewership from Twitch.

But, it all worked out in the end, as he was paid out of his Mixer contract when Microsoft shut it down and merged with Facebook Gaming, and his viewers quickly flocked back to his Twitch channel.

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Shroud on TwitchTwitch: shroud
Shroud already had hundreds of thousands watching before he even showed his face.

His over 7 million followers on Twitch remained intact even as the channel lay dormant, and he is now re-partnered. On August 12, at 11am PT, shroud went live on Twitch for the first time since his move – and the reception was even greater than expected.

The live viewer count shot up into the hundreds of thousands almost immediately – before the former CS:GO pro had even shown his face.

By the time he did appear on camera (new beard in tow), he was creeping towards half a million concurrent viewers. Although it’s not quite the record (this is still held by Ninja with over 600,000), it wasn’t far off. Shroud flexed his stream stats on Twitter after the broadcast:

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